BBQ and College Tour 2018

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On 24th August an excellent 1960’s reunion organised by Mike Comber and Mike Thorne took place at the College.

John Mewse, OW Chair, kindly conducted a tour of the campus including the chapel, the sports complex, the “park”, Fry Hall [how did we squeeze 8 into the 8 dorm as it looks crowded with 5 beds now!] and the Lincoln Sixth form building. The BBQ was provided by the college catering staff and we were able to sit outside to enjoy it.

The total number of attendees at the tour and BBQ was around 45 and included the following:

David Batchelor, Susan Batchelor, Steven Bishop, Peter Blackwell, Michael Brand, Anne Brand, Gwenda Burgin, Alison Catley, Mike Comber, Martina Comber, Alan Corrigan,Tony Cronin, Clive Crouch , Barbara Crouch, Dave Culy, Ligia Culy, Adrian Dubock, Brian Ellis, Liz Everett, Tim Fitt, Jennifer Foster, Don Fulcher, Heather Gill, Richard Hines, Jennifer Hines, Sandra Howard, Linda Hudson, Dave Johnson, Clive Lancaster, Judy Lancaster, Peter Lynn, Chris Parnham, Hugh Poths, Shirley Poths, Steve Read, Marion Reed, Phil Robinson, Nick Rowe, Pat Sparks, Mervyn Taylor, Mike Thorne, Susan Thorne, Gil Turner, Philip Wade, Mary Wilson, Nigel Wilson, Barry Wood

Apologies to those who are missing from the above list!

Phil Robinson


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