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100 Club Update - OWs in 2013

Some of you will have read the article that David Spinks has recently posted on this website entitled “OW’s in 2013” (click here for link).

The crux of the matter is that we need to increase the amount of money that we raise through our various activities. As David has said, although we are looking at various other fund raising options, the 100 Club is, and has been for the last 9 years, the OW’s main source of income. Whilst it is called the “100 Club” there is no reason why we cannot have a “200” or even “300” club! We have over 4,000 ex-pupils on our database and I constantly read, within the newsletter, of the numerous ex-pupils who are grateful for their time at Wymondham College. Therefore it is still a mystery to me why we can only muster 100 people to join the 100 Club and assist in keeping the Wycol legacy alive.

One option that was considered was to increase the monthly subscription to £10 per month. However, this was thought to be counter productive and could drive too many people away. An alternative is to appeal to all those that are not part of the 100 Club to consider joining and also to ask current subscribers if they would consider taking out an additional number.

Subscription is still only £5.00 per month (the equivalent of a pint and a half of good English real ale per month!!) and there is the possibility of winning one of the two star prizes of £500 & £250 (in June and December) as well as the monthly 2 x £50 prizes. The prize fund will obviously increase proportionate to the additional number of members that we attract.

For those of you who may wish to join, the monthly payment can be made by Standing Order but we are happy to accept yearly payments of £60.00 from anyone who would prefer to subscribe in that way. I will need your full postal address to send on the relevant Bank Mandate form.


If you feel that you can support the OW’s in keeping the Wycol heritage alive, please contact me, Phil Robinson at or at “Pipkim”, Hill Road, Fair Green, Middleton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE32 1RW.



Old Wymondhamians 100 Club Appeal -updated October 2010

In the 7 years [since Oct 2003] that we have been running the 100 Club it has been the main source of income for the Old Wymondhamians [formerly the Wymondham College Association]. It has taken some time to reach the magic 100 members but we are just about there now. We will, therefore, soon have to decide how we deal with the 101st member!

The 100 Club is currently generating in the region of £3,000 annually. A considerable portion of this is required to fund the production of the yearly Newsletter and support the Wymondham College Remembered website [so expertly set up and run by Bill Atkins for a number of years and which is now administered by Julie Harding [nee Ebbens]. However, where we have had a surplus, donations to the college have been made. The first donation was a contribution to the cost of producing the College Hymn book and a second commitment has recently been made relating to the cost of the proposed Heritage Trail.

Over the years we have been very fortunate that the College has supported us by the provision of the Alumni Secretary. Caroline Hall continues to provide an invaluable link between the College and the Old Wymondhamians.

Steve Read [the Treasurer] and I meet on a monthly basis at hostelries within Norfolk to sup some of the excellent real ales on offer. A number of you have joined us over the years and there is statistical evidence that attendance at the draw, leads to a win shortly afterwards! If you have a local that you would like us to visit, please let us know. However the only way of effectively advising people of where/when we meet is by e-mail. If you wish to be kept advised of the monthly meetings and who has won, and you also have access to the Internet/e-mail, please contact me so that I can add you to the list.

Subscription is still only £5.00 per month and there are two monthly prizes of £50. There is also the possibility of winning one of the two star prizes of £500 and £200 (in June and December – just in time to help with the expensive Christmas presents!). For those of you who may wish to join, the monthly payment can be made by Standing Order but we are happy to accept yearly payments of £60.00 from anyone who would prefer to subscribe in that way.


 If you feel that you can support us in this scheme, please complete our Bank Mandate form, or write to:

Phil Robinson – 100 Club Administrator
“Pipkim,” Hill Road, Fair Green, Middleton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1RW




The 100 Club
by Phil Robinson

Recipients of the 2002 WCA Newsletter will be aware that Jack Smith, our then President, wrote about the need to raise funds to ensure the continuation of the Wymondham College Association (now Old Wymondhamians).  To date, the College has assisted in the financial support of the Association but, as we now have a more formal structure, we need to be able to prove that we can “stand on our own two feet.”

The yearly newsletter is edited & compiled by Alumni Secretary Jackie Glenn who is our “link” with you all and the administrator of the past-pupil/staff Database system.  The College has funded the Secretary’s time spent on Association matters so far but we are conscious that we, the ex-pupils/staff of Wymondham College, should do more financially.

The initial start up cost of the WCA Database package was sponsored by two committee members, to which we are grateful, but the system will have further maintenance/upgrade costs to keep it up and running, year on year.

We have previously relied upon donations & surpluses from functions to fund the activities of the Association. We have also realised that reliance on an annual subscription is not a cost effective way of raising funds. The committee have a number of fund raising ideas to explore but one that we have initiated is a “100/200” club. (suggestions for a catchier title than that would be gratefully received!)

The idea is that members pay 5.00 per month, by Standing Order/Direct Debit, into a designated bank account. Prize draws will then take place on a monthly basis. As an example, based on a fully subscribed 100 people signing up to the scheme, 6,000 per year will be raised.  40% of the yearly total will be paid out in prizes, with the remaining 60% retained by the Association. Two prizes of 50 per month will be drawn, but twice per year, (June & December) a “star” draw of a 500 prize and a 200 prize will be drawn.  All prize monies will be pro-rata to the number of members involved in the scheme, i.e. should we have 200 members, the prize monies mentioned will be doubled; if we have only 50 members, the prize monies will be halved. 








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