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Left: Mike Frohawk and Brian E. Newman.

Right: Colin Thomas

Left: David Fox (3A) and Ian Robinson (2B) sitting on the bumper of Mrs Gregory's Morris Minor 1958/59.  The area at the back was being prepared for a new block (perhaps Kett Hall).  But where was the photo taken from?

Right: Raymond Goodswen and ... ?  Photo taken next to the central boiler house c1959.

Left: Must be mid to late 50s, but who is it?  Taken by Mike Frohawk.

Right: One of Kevin Westnott's snaps from the mid-1950s. "On the left is Graham Crane - still thinking about the other one." - Maggy Smith



Left: Tony Hawken ('Rusty') and Margaret Bush.

Right: Graham D. Smith and Diane Clarke.

Left: Keith Skipper and Paul Rutter.

Right: Dan Hegarty

Left: Tim Myhill ('Moz') in Lincoln courtyard.

Right: Kay George and John Elflett

Left: Jane Hipperson and Bruce Ballantyne (?).

Right: Vivienne Leach and Sandra Rush.

Left: Barry Rushbrook and Martin Seaman.

Right: Lorna Codner.

Left: Lynda Ashby.

Right: Bill Johnson.

Left: Dennis Herrell in Lincoln courtyard.

Right: Wally Gowing.

Left: Timothy Doe.

Right: Len Gosling.

Left: Mike Thorogood - "It was taken in the year that I left, again the result of some "home" photography. Writing on the back indicates that I was 5ft 3ins tall and weighed 8st 4lbs, the date of the picture was 23/3/60.  Doesn't look as if we were well versed with the use of an iron in those days."

Right: Gerald Gunton and Christine Vincent
in the Library

Left: Who is this with Chalky White?  Possibly taken in 1963

Right: It's Peter Bush, but who's the
 terrified young lady with him?  About 1961

Left: Jane Chapman in the year that she was Head Girl (1962/63)

Right: Terry Waddington, by the garden
 hedge behind Butler Hall

Left: Joy Reynolds

Right: Sheila Payne (in the Library)

Left: Michael Rice (Lincoln Hall and staff
chalets behind)

Right: Angela Cornwell (?) and Timothy Howe

Left: Timothy Howe revising down the Park

Right: Terry Sparrow in his single room,
Lincoln Hall

Left: Gillian Corser (on the hard courts)

Right: Mr Steve Wood

Left: Lesley Sayles and John Postle

Right: Malcolm Girling

Graham Causton and Ann Potter.  The photo was taken in the Park by Chris Smith; perhaps in the summer of 1962.

"She was in East House/ Eliz Fry Hall with me and I think in the same year. I can't remember when she left tho' and I haven't been in touch with her since we left." - Sue Culley

"The girl is certainly .... Christine Robinson." - Anonymous of the 60s

"I can categorically state that it is NOT Chris Robinson. I married her and would recognise her anywhere! - Robert Hodgkinson (aka 'Spon')

"... definitely Ann Potter, I knew her quite well.- Dave Fox (left 1962).

"Ann and I are still very good friends and I had no doubts that it was her so I rang and asked her to have a look and confirm that it was definitely her which she did.   If anyone wishes to contact Ann I have her permission to pass her contact details on." - Muriel Davie 


We have 3 other photos of the couple, if either of them would like copies.

Left: David Church

Right: "Me looking really intelligent, with my hi-tech camera, in front of Dorm 30. I think that is Margaret Stokes (Pony) in the background" - Mike Oakes

Left: "Captioned 'Nick & Mike after Sunday walks, 1960' ... showing me with good friend Peter Nichols. - Mike Oakes

Right: Unknown and Dave Burden (taken 1962)

Left: Leslie Gapp (approx 1962)

Right: Tony Allison aka James Dean
(approx 1961)

Left: Any ideas? Tony Allison? Mick Hammond?

Right: Merv Boast on the right, but who's the other chap?  Sitting outside Lincoln dining hall c1961.  Dining furniture (products of the workshops) visible through the window.

Left: Keith Skipper at the desk (or is it? he doesn't think so!) - who's on the bed?

Right: Ian 'Bog' Robinson ready for the start of term outside 19 Hall View Road, Kings Lynn.  He was then in the 4th or 5th Form.

Left: Taken by Jim Gathercole c1962, but who? Where?





Left: Jayne Ripon on last day of Summer Term 1979, outside Nissen huts behind Fry.

Right: ------ Martin and Jayne Ayre
on last day of Summer Term 1979.

Left: Jo Bickford-Smith and Jane Blake in Cavell (June 1978).

Right: Joy Hooi in Cavell corridor
(June 1978).

Left: Joy Hooi, Isla Miller and Louise Martin's reflection.  Outside Cavell (June 1978).

Right: Ruth Howard at her dorm
 window (1979)

Left: Roger Searjeant (sp?) strikes a pose in the shadows in front of the school pond. Taken from Lincoln Hall (1979). Your photo



Left: Richard Mawby outside Lincoln (1983).

Right: Sean ? & Stephen Rutherford in
the Science Block corridor (1983).

Left: Anders Rasmussen on Morley swings - 1983.

Right: Cathy James in courtyard of Peel
or Lincoln (1983).

Left: Helen Mumby-Croft & Judith Epps outside Lincoln (1983).

Right: Kate Setchell
(photos by Jason Hayter - 1989)








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