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The 50th Anniversary dinner was held at the College on 14th July 2001 and was attended by approximately 400 former pupils and staff, several of whom had arrived during the afternoon to tour the site and to watch an Old Boys cricket match in the Park.  Extensive displays of photographs and vintage cine film shows attracted a lot of interest on the sidelines.

The venue for the dinner itself was a marquee erected next to Kett Hall, which provided the important 'facilities,' and diners were seated in groups of ten, more-or-less according to year of leaving.  There were three 'top' tables (nothing changes) for the senior attendees and 'special guests.'

Enough of the introduction  .....

Snapshots           The Sixties Bunch        Recollections


1. Russell Stone, Sue Culley & Ruth Richardson (Hales)
2. Mike Hammond & Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson)
3. Margery Whyte, Anna Withnall (Whyte) & Hilary Blythe (Dewhirst)
4. Mike Hammond, Vivienne Powell (Leach), Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson) & Walter SyrettVanessa Manson (McCafferty) seated left background
5. Vivienne Powell (Leach), Walter Syrett & Liz -----?
Tony Marter in background + Christobel Lewis (right)
6. Paul S. Clarke, Walter Syrett, Mike Hammond & Hilary Blythe (Dewhirst)
7. Merv Boast, Mike Hammond, Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson), Sue Culley
8. Hilary Blythe (Dewhirst), Russell Stone, Sue Culley
9. Vanessa Manson (McCafferty), Paul S. Clarke, Ann Dunhill
10. Ann Dunhill, Margery Whyte, Anna Withnall (Whyte)
11. Lady Ralphs and Bob Syrett (brother of Walter), who travelled from New Zealand for the event
12. Michael Brand speech
13. Front: Merv Boast, Mike Hammond, Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson), Vivienne Powell (Leach).  Rear: Walter Syrett & Tony Marter
14. Mike Hammond, Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson), Vivienne Powell (Leach), Walter Syrett, Liz -------
15. Andrew Seeley & Miles Baron
16. Terry Coppin & Joan Petchell (Gibson)
17. Brian Leverett, Hubert Harbord, Stuart & Heather Handley (Smith) - yes - more everlasting sweethearts!
18. Wendy (Fuller) & John Bacon
19. Aubrey Hammond & Pat Harvey (Basey)
20. Lady Ralphs
21. Kathleen -------- (Jackson), Sandra Hornagold (Leeks) and ?
22. A happy lady - Eileen Baron (nee  Fox)
23. Lady Ralphs and ?


The Sixties Bunch

Featuring:  Susanne 'Spike' Barrett (Milligan), Stella Batey (Haylock), Alan Bridges, Sharon Causton, Jane Cheshire (Cordle), Sandra Conder (Edge), Diana Cook (Langley), Alan Dean, Roger Hayward, Sandra Hornagold (Leeks), Steve Human, David Jackson, Kate Jephcote (Jackson), Kathy Mesut (Eastwood), Marion Reed (Rix), Graham Smith, Philip Wade, Eileen Wyatt (Pearson)

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"... it was really good for me to go back because I could slay a lot of personal dragons ... I feel like I'm getting a bit of my life back!"

"I can't imagine why on earth we didn't keep in touch when we left school, after so many years of really good friendship.  Anyway, I don't intend to lose touch again now!"

"Most of the speeches were too long and boring. This meant that there wasn't much time at the end for searching for old friends ..... I was reminded of my first day, being left in a dormitory by my parents, alone, scared..... how horrible that was... fighting for the sinks in the morning."

".... had a great time, thanks mainly to so many welcome faces and names that I had not seen for 24 years."

"... speeches .... I couldn't help remembering all those end of term assemblies I slept (or giggled) through...."

"There were some very, very boring speeches - especially by Wolsey - the head after RVM.  Twice during his speech Mike & I were given 100 lines from Table 13 - 'I  must learn to pay attention' - I opted for detention down the Buck both times!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and my old head is still buzzing & buzzing & buzzing ..."






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