Third XI 1972/73 Season?

I am an old boy of WC having left in Summer 1974 - Durham and New Hall.

I have unearthed the attached, sadly creased, photograph of, I think, the 3rd XI in 1972.

Simon Perkins

Back Row: Mr Noble, Clive Derry, Graham Hitchcock, Robin Postle, Leslie Leach, Simon Perkins, Paul Kentish, Mr Shepherd

Front Row: Chris Carroll, Leon Andrew, Jonathan Parrot (Polly), Philip Robinson, Jerry Linden-Ball

Phil Robinson has filled in some of the names for us and comments on the above photo as follows:

How surprised was I to see myself on this one!! I don’t remember this at all let alone actually playing for the college third team! Cricket never was my sport but I think I managed to get a decent score by “slogging” in a house game and the “powers that be” must have thought that I might be “useful”!! I actually think that I may have been the scorer in a couple of games – not actually playing. I don’t think there were too many third team games either.


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