R.V. Metcalfe, Warden, at Speech Day 1963
.... with Dr. Lincoln Ralphs (Chief Education Officer for Norfolk)

 Copied from the 1964 College Magazine

"And now ... Milords, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Housemasters and Housemistresses .... With one mighty blow I shall break this solid concrete paving slab over the head of the Chief Education Officer for Norfolk - without even waking him up!  Drum roll please, Mr Wrench ... I thenkyow!"

(caption submitted by Al Dean)

Dr Lincoln-Ralphs ..... was certainly a prominent figure at school speech days and was, I think, the one who did the only thing speech days were good for - giving us the rest of the day off so we could disappear with parents. I remember one such occasion, in St Andrews Hall in Norwich, when we were fed some incredibly reactionary guff by a Viscount Salisbury, something big in the Tory party and probably a mate of the Head who had, I recall, been a Tory candidate for some totally un-winnable mining constituency in Yorkshire.  Anyway, whatever it was the Great Man had to say so pissed off my Father, very much on the other side of the political fence, that he walked out leaving me without the parental escort necessary for escape. The situation was saved by Richard Vincent and his Dad (splendid chap) who took pity on me and persuaded Jack Hawkyard that I could be entrusted to his care.

John (Muz) Metcalfe

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