The Warden inspects the Naval contingent of the CCF in 1966
Copied from the 1966 College Magazine

An Army Cadet Force (ACF) was established at the College in the early Sixties; Naval and Air Force sections being added later.  Here we see S/Lt Millington presenting a platoon for inspection to R.V. Metcalfe, accompanied by Mr Staveley (Major?).   Chinstays are down, indicating more than a slight breeze.  The large 'bight' in the lanyard of the sailor 2nd from right would've made my old Gunnery Instructor apoplectic!

'Spike' Millington was a member of York House staff and was widely regarded as 'a good bloke.'  He contributed an article to the underground mag WC Paper in 1968 and left shortly afterwards (although the two events were not connected).

Alan Corrigan writes: In the picture of the Cadet Force (Naval Section) I can name a few, although I might not be accurate:

Between Spike and Muz - Adrian Marfleet
Above Muz's right shoulder - Richard Oldman
Above Doc's peak = yours truly - Alan Corrigan
Immediately behind Doc - Graham High
Shortest - Julian Musgrave (lived in Wells-next-the Sea)
Right front = Hadfield

All the above came from Norwich House with the exception of Julian.

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