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The Gondoliers - continued
(7-12 December 1976)

The above photos and press cuttings have been sent in by Steve Hands (1970-77) and he writes as follows:

I thought it was about time I contributed to your wonderful website.... so, as a starter, please find attached newspaper cuttings covering the Dec 1976 production of the Gondoliers.  I played Antonio - at the time, I thought as a sixth-former I should make a bit of a prat of myself or scare myself silly in front of an audience (or both) - clearly so did many of my peers!  I hadn't planned on cycling from Taverham to get to reheasals during weekends though!
One of the things that springs to mind about that production (notwithstanding Mike Brand's wonderful OTT Duke of Plaza Toro, the amazing backdrop that had to be painted on the floor of Tomlinson Hall I think, or the size of the cast) was that the stage was supported on 2 tiers of trestle tables wirelocked together - when we danced the Katchucha (?) you could hear them knocking together and see gaps appearing on the stage floor!  Ahem...time for Plan B - 4x4 timber bolsters clouted into place between stage and Sports Hall walls  (I'm guessing health and safety was only a twinkle in somebody's eye at that time).











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