North House & South House Annexe 1961

The photos on this page are believed to have been taken in June/July 1961, before North and South Houses were dismantled to create York, Gloucester and Durham at the start of the following term.  When North and South moved into Lincoln Hall in September 1959, the 40 boys shown here (3rd & 4th Formers; mostly the latter) were an overspill and remained in hutted accommodation through to the end of the 1960/61 School year. The group is facing one of their dorms (26).  The tech. drawing office and workshops are at the rear and the pond is to the left, out of shot.  Kett Hall in the background.

Scrum at the back:  Roland Clarke (a House prefect), NK, NK, Tim Myhill, Richard Vincent (just behind 'Charlie' Parker), Philip Bacon?, Michael Rice (just behind Nellie Norton), Anthony Hawken?, Tony Seymour, John Marsh, Alex Blake, NK, NK, NK
3rd row: Colin Harvey, Leonard Smith, Ian (Mac) McNulty, Trevor Corless, Leslie Abbatt, Brian Perry, Colin Greenfield, John Kippen, Barry Aves, Robert (Bob) Craske.
2nd row: Michael Hornigold, Brian Nunn, Christopher Pooley, 'Charlie' Parker, 'Nellie' Norton, Miss Easter, Trevor Tolliday, Patrick (Paddy) Spruce, Geoffrey Dyer, Peter (Pierre) Dubock, Edgar Riches

Front row: Christopher Leach, Michael Hammond, Barrie Corless, Geoffrey Wright?, Blane Wilkinson, David Bennett (from Hunstanton?), John Metcalfe, Hughie Bardwell or Bruce Ballantyne, Andrew Kapherr

This second photo appears to have been taken minutes (if not seconds) before or after the one above, but Craske and Aves have disappeared from the right-hand side.

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