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Lawrence & the Comfortable Society

This seven-inch vinyl single was recorded privately by the band in 1986 (we believe).  Thanks are due to Cliff Martin for making the record available for copying and to Leigh Gracie for granting us permission to place the recordings on this site.  The record was produced by Howard T.

Record sleeve (click to enlarge)


A side: Sleeper

MP3 format; 4:03 minutes; 3.8 MB

B side: Heartache

MP3 format: 4:28 minutes; 4.2 MB

Natural Instinct

Steve Fox found the cassette insert for this recording in 2005 but it was another two years before it was reunited with the tape!  Does anyone know when the tracks were recorded?

Vocals: Rob
Vocals: Gaz
Lead: DOB
Bass: Jord
Keyboards: Marv
Drums: Jim
Cover Artwork: R. Wylie
Printing/photography: A. Carey

Cassette insert (click to enlarge)

Small Beginnings
(2:52 minutes; 2.7 MB)
That's Love
(4:43 minutes; 4.4 MB)
The tracks (MP3 format)

The June Recruits

This single was: recorded in May 1988 at Raven Studios, produced by the band and released by Mania Records.  Thanks to Steve Fox for making the record available for copying.

Record sleeve (click to enlarge)


A side: Rape

MP3 format; 3:16 minutes; 3.1 MB

B side: And She Sells

MP3 format: 4.40 minutes; 4.4 MB

The Bone Idols

Three tapes of live performances survive: one recorded at the College on 1st April 1990 and the other two at Earlham High on 24th May and 5th June 1990.  Rich Barnes has kindly digitised the recordings and three songs have been extracted for conversion to MP3.  They aren't studio quality, but the atmosphere comes across really well .....

Live at Earlham High - 5th June 1990
Track 1   Life on Planet Speck (3:25 minutes; 3.2 MB)
Track 2   Wasting Away (4:14 minutes; 4 MB)
Track 3   Forty-five Degrees (2:41 minutes; 2.5 MB)

MP3 tracks were created using DePopper and Audacity software







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