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Sandy attended the Trail Blazer day and brought along with him a set of photos from his school days. He kindly agreed we could add them to our collection but did point out that in the 50s boys only had cheap cameras so the pictures were rather poor!


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Mr Scoyles, 26 Dorm Master,1954

, Mr Parsons, Dorm Master,1954

Anthony (Billy) Watering, 1954

David Turner, 1954

William Wiston and George Watson, 1954

Barker and Billy Watering, 1954

David Howard and Billy Watering, 1954

Dorm 26, 1954

David Turner, 1954

William Wiskin and Croxford? 1954

Adrian Mouser and Maireen Pullen, 1955 1954
David Turner and Terry Riches, 1955 (but a bit difficult to see) Peel Hall under construction 1956  
Tony (Billy) Watering, Sprowston 1955 David Turner, Dorm 31, 1955 Billy Watering, 1955

David Howard, David Turner, John Brown 1955



George Watson and David Turner, 1956



William Wiskin, 1956



Roger Fiske June 1957 Sandy Morison and William Wiskin, 1957 Michael Herring and George Watson, Dorm 31, 1957
George Watson, Michael (Kipper) Herring, David Turner, Ian Osborne, Brian Newman, 1957   Terry Riches, Robert Syrett, George Watson, Michael Herring, Sandy Morison, David Turner, Ian Osborne, June 1957







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