Aerial photo taken in the late 1980s

Details are identical to those in the first photo of this series.  Huts that remain seem to be in a poor state of repair & their corrugated iron sheets were no longer painted - bad for durability and offensive to the eye!  Look carefully and you can see a cricket match in progress on the 1st Team pitch.

Steve Grant writes: I have to dispute your reference to the cricket match in progress. Close examination will show that there are no leaves on the trees, therefore it is winter!! I thought cricket was played in the summer and those are definitely leafy months or have I missed something recently. The first picture does have leaves on the trees so these two shot are from different times. I think this new one is the earliest because as was noted for the first picture the connecting passages between the science blocks are missing. They are shown in this recent photo. Also the area of the old Main Dining Hall has recently been cleared in this new picture but it has become overgrown to some extent in the first shot. Lincoln Hall also seems to have gained a new roof between the two pictures. Only Peel Hall appears to have a new roof in the both shots. There therefore has to be several months between these two pictures. The rust/paint patterns on the hut are identical in both pictures. Interesting, eh!

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