Aerial Photos circa 1967
Copied from the 1967 College Magazine

These photos were most likely taken in the early spring of 1967, judging by the lack of leaves on the trees around the site.

By this time the Sports Hall had been in full operation for a few years and now the construction has moved on to New Hall just over the dirt road/junior boys' break area. This was occupied by the girls of Wakefield and Washington Houses in the autumn term of 1967. The CCF Armoury in the old padded cell block is just visible in the construction zone out front. The extension to hut 7, that was completed in 1965, is also visible on the extreme right behind the library. Cavell Hall is just visible over the High Street.

This picture shows, clockwise from the top, Cavell Hall, Fry Hall, Peel Hall, Lincoln Hall and Kett Hall. Wilkinson Court is the collection of huts between Lincoln and Kett Halls at the bottom of the picture and was used as accommodation for visitors.

Other points of interest include a couple of people just visible at the tuck shop windows in the Admin Hut by Peel Hall. Also the small plaster huts at the lower right include the one used by the infamous barber, the purveyor of the dreaded haircuts. The Sickbay is the hut on the extreme right next to the boiler house and the Annex, home to a select few usually 2nd year boys, is the closest of the next pair of huts beyond the Sickbay.

Does anyone know the reason for the single set of rugby posts behind Peel Hall? This is the area that we in Durham and Norwich House were allowed out to run around or play informal outdoor games in afternoons for a short while after school was finished but I don't remember the posts being there when I started in 1968 - Steve Grant.

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