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Was boxing ever an organised activity at the College?  The only evidence of the sport to come to light is shown below.

Patrick 'Paddy' Hodgson (1959-66) sent this photo of an 'organised punch-up' between Stephen Dobbin and Richard Gilead of Canterbury House in July 1966. Spectators (L to R) are: NK, Malcolm 'Bish' Barnham, David Bowerin (later Head Boy 1969-70), ------- Bennett, NK, NK, Tony Cronin, NK.

Stephen Dobbin gives us the full story:

Mr Norton had purchased two pairs of boxing gloves with the rather public school idea that any boys caught fighting would be made to put on the gloves and do it properly.  No one took up the offer, but the sixth form common room were very keen that someone should try. I was chosen as suitable nerd and victim, and I can't remember whether Richard Gilead conspired with me willingly or was equally pressured into it.  Anyway, the 'reason' for the challenge was totally spurious (and totally forgotten). By the time we'd actually got into our games kit I don't think either of us particularly wanted to do it. It was stopped after two rounds (Mr Norton refereed) without injury to either of us, and declared a draw. The sixth formers returned to their room satisfied and I don't think the gloves were ever used again.

Richard Gilead was one of those elite egged on by Mr Metcalfe to do 'double maths, physics.'  There was a joke at the time (imitate Muz's voice and breathy, rise-and-fall-inflection): "Now, Smith, for your 'O' levels you got a 3 in English, a 4 in Art and a 2 in Music. Why don't you take .... I know ... double maths, physics?"  Richard was into computers while they were still the size of small office blocks, and I have no doubt he got into IT on the ground floor and made a good career from it. But that's a guess.








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