Break Time 1964 - set of 4
Photos taken in the open area on the other side of the covered way from Butler Hall.
Taken in the Summer Term.  Most of those pictured are about to leave for pastures new.

Tony Seymour foreground left in front of Dick Leighton, who is in front of Eddie Willimott.  Liz Knights centre.  Patrick 'Paddy' Spruce behind Tony's right shoulder.  Alex Blake (right) shaking hands with John Savage; I think Alex has just picked up his stripes.  Girl on right NK.

Part of Brian Perry extreme left.  Behind him is Richard Abrahall next to Jo Peace's bun (I said BUN!).  Patrick Spruce at the back between Liz & Dick.  Possibly Jane Ford in the summer uniform; to her right is Eddie Willimott, facing John Savage.

From left: Brian Perry in a clinch with Nicola Chittock, Jo Peace, Jane Ford, top of Lorna Codner's head, Dick Leighton's back, Jim Gathercole, NK (maybe Patrick Spruce), NK, Eddie Willimott, Thomas Bradley, NK.

From left:  NK, NK with slip showing, Brian Perry/Nicola Chittock, Jo Peace, Dick Leighton, Jim Gathercole, NK, NK

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