Butler 34, Summer 1956

John Chapman writes: This was taken towards the end of the school year in 1956 and shows the first intake to 34 (I think).  One or two had failed 11+ and 13+ more than once, then came to WC, did 3rd and 5th forms and landed 8 'O' levels, which might indicate the 11+ was a wonky old system!

3 tall at the back: Anthony Burrows, David Willmott, Anthony Watson
Standing: Christopher Rushmere, Anthony Mason, John Gooderham, Robin Howes, Ralph Beckett, Geoffrey Balls (short one at the front), John Chapman, Philip Malt, Derek Hubbard, Anthony Pyle, Keith Richards, Lewis Elves
3rd row: David Pipes, Mr Freeman, Mrs McKinder, Paul Wright
2nd row: Gerald Pearson, Richard Lusher, Peter Jackson, John Galloway, George Kemp
Front: David Howard, Alan Eastel (?), Ralph Thurston, John Duffy, Brian Greenough

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