Cavell Boarders 1982
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5th (back) row:  21 Matthew Rochfort, 22 Neil "Noddy" Hart ("They must have put him on the back row because he was so tall." - Alice Walsh).
4th row:  10 Justin Green, 11 Andrew Perry (blond hair), Iain Trafford, 2 x NK, Claire Anstee, Rachel Wexler, Sarah-Jane Lucas, Sarah Scarff.
3rd (standing) row: NK, Sophie Wilkins, Dorinda Claxton, Nicky Davey ...... last in row Andrew 'Juggy' Graver
2nd (seated) row: NK, NK, NK, 4 Ashley Evans, 5 Liz Stockwell, 6 Sarah -----, 9 Julie Davis; RH 3rd from end is Tomiya Riches
Front row:

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