The Chapel

This is the last of the original Nissen Huts that remains on the site and is now the subject of a preservation order. It currently houses the College chapel; although this was not always the case. It was originally one of the general wards of the military hospital and later was converted to a classroom block, hut 36. This is actually the third location of the chapel as previously it was located in hut 35, the next hut in the line to the right and next to Butler Hall. The original chapel was close to the pond and the workshops and was demolished before the first halls were built in the late 1950s.

Although green and freshly painted this is not the original colour of the huts. They were all originally black, which meant they were very warm in the summer, and this was highlighted with the odd replacement sheet of corrugated iron which typically remained unpainted and eventually rusted to blend in with the other rusting panels.

The building behind is New Hall, the last of the six halls of residence to be built in the mid 60's.

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