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There was certainly no shortage of extra-curricular activities at the College.  The school magazine of 1955 lists 14 clubs and societies, not counting choir and orchestra, and by the late 1980s there were over a hundred!  Here is a printed guide from 1974, provided by Baz Hipwell:

Clubs & Societies 1974
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Can you add to the following list and, perhaps, share some memories of them with us?  Those activities that are in white font have their own pages already (click to go there).

Aerobics 1980s  
Aircraft Restoration Group 1990s-2000s  
Alpha Course 2000s Ex-Christian Union
Art Club 1950s-1960s  
Astronomical Society 1960s-1970s Became the Astronomy Club in October 2000.
Astronomy Club 2000s  
Athletic Club 1950s  
Badminton Club 1980s  
Ballroom Dance Club 1960s-1970s  
Basketball Club 1960s-2000s See the Gallery Basketball page.
Bee-keeping Club 1980s  
Beginners' Latin & Greek 1980s  
Biological Society (or Biology Club) 1960s-1970s Previously the Natural History Society
Bird Watchers' Club 1950s-1970s AKA the Bird-watching Society and Bird Club
Boat-building Club 1970s  
Boys' Short Tennis 1990s  
Boys' Cookery Club 1950s  
Bridge Club 1970s-2000s  
Business Games Group 1970s-1980s  
Cadet Force 1960s-1980s See CCF, Scouts & Guides (Gallery) and CCF Yarns
Campanology Club 1970s  
Canal Preservation Society 1970s  
Canoe Club 1970s, 1990s  
Car Maintenance Club 1980s  
Chad Club 1950s A debating society
Chapel Committee 1980s  
Chequers Society/Club 1970s-1990s Board games
Chess Club 1950s-1990s  
Christian Fellowship/Christian Union 1950s-2000s Began as the Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship in March 1954.
Classical Music Society 1950s Became the Music Appreciation Society
Classical Society 1970s-1980s  
CND Society 1980s  
Conservation Club 1980s  
Country Dancing Club 1950s  
Country Wine-making Club 1980s  
Craft Club 1950s  
Creative Word Processing 1990s  
Dance Club 1950s  
Debating Society 1950s-1970s Split into Senior and Junior sections in the 1970s.
Dramatic Society 1950s  
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme 1970s-2000s  
Dungeons & Dragons Club 1980s  
Economics Society 1970s  
Egg Race Society 1980s  
Electronics Club 1980s Rose from the ashes of the Radio Club
Embroidery Club 1950s  
Engineering Society 1950s-1970s  
Fencing Club 1950s-2000s  
Field Walking Society 1970s  
Fifth Form Boys' Domestic Science Club 1950s  
Film Society 1950s-1960s Film shows continued into the 80s, but as part of 'normal business.'
First Year Dramatics 1950s  
Folk Club 1970s-1980s  
Fourth Form Club 1960s  
Free Dance Club/Society 1950s  
French Club 1970s  
Gardening Club 1980s-1990s Started as a section of the Biology Club.
Geographical Society 1950s-1960s AKA the Geography Society AKA 'Snog Soc!'
Geography Environmental Action Group 2000s  
Girl Guides 1950s-1960s  
Girls' Metalwork Club 1950s  
Girls' Short Tennis 1990s  
Girls' Soccer Club 1980s  
Guitar Club/Group 1980s-2000s  
Gym Club 1950s, 1970s  
Handicraft Clubs 1950s  
History Society/Club 1970s-2000s  
Indoor Athletics Club 2000s  
Inter-school Christian Fellowship 1950s-1970s  
Jazz Band 2000s  
Judo Club 1970s-2000s  
Junior Art Club 2000s  
Junior Debating Society 1970s-1980s Extremely popular, usually consisting of as many pupils crammed into one of the smaller nissen hut classrooms (standing room only on desks, windowsills, etc.), presided over by the likes of Mr Ellis or Mr Paxton to maintain a semblence of ordered progress. The debates were always wide-ranging in topic and induced unbridled passion amongst some of the antagonists that often spilled out after the lunchtime verbal cut and thrust. Great fun - on a good day, you could hear the roars of approval for an argument well-made several blocks away. Steve Hands
Junior Dramatic Society 1950s-2000s Lately became the Junior Drama Club
Junior Dramatic Society 1950s  
Junior Natural History Society 1950s  
Junior Scripture Union 1950s  
Junior Volleyball Club 1970s  
Junior Television Club 1970s  
Junior Wind Band 2000s  
Just Recorders 2000s  
Karate Club 1980s-2000s  
Kart Club 1970s  
Kayak Club 1980s  
Key Stage 3 Science Club 2000s  
Key Stage 4 Share Shop 2000s  
Knitting by Machine 1990s  
Latin Club Started 2008  
Literacy Club 2000s  
Literary Club 1970s  
Madrigal Group/Society 1950s, 1980s  
Metalwork Club 1950s  
Model(ling) Club 1950s-1960s, 1990s  
Music(al) Appreciation Society 1960s-1970s Previously the Classical Music Society.
Music Theory Class 2000s  
Natural History Society 1950s-1960s Became the Biological Society in 1962.
Needlework Club 1950s  
Orienteering Club 1980s-1990s  
Oxbridge Tutoring 2000s  
Philosophical/Philosophy Society/Club 1970s-1990s  
Photographic Society/Club/Group 1950s-1970s  
Physics Society 1970s  
Pet Club 1970s  
Play-reading Circle 1950s-1960s  
Puppetry 1950s  
Radio Club 1960s-1970s AKA the Radio Society.  Gap in the mid-70s.
Railway Society 1960s  
Ranger Guide Service Unit 1960s  
Rowing Club 1960s-1970s See the Gallery Rowing page
Sailing Club 1960s-1970s  
Sax Appeal 2000s  
Science Society/Club 1950s-1970s, 1990s  
Semi-circle Society 1950s-1960s 6th form debating society; became The Gavel in 1972.
Senior Badminton 2000s  
Senior Bible Discussion Group 1970s  
Senior Debating Society 1970s-1990s  
Senior Drama Society 1970s  
Senior Workshops 1980s  
Shotokan Karate 2000s  
Sketchbook Society 1980s  
Social Services 1970s Latterly the Social Services Outreach Programme.
Splat the Rat 2000s  
Squash Club 2000s  
String Group 2000s  
Student Christian Movement 1950s-1960s  
Swimming Club 2000s  
Table Tennis Club 1960s-1970s  
Typewriting Club 1950s  
Video Club 1980s  
Voice Training and Public Speaking 1980s  
Volleyball Club 1970s  
Wayfarers Club 1960s Camping
Weights Training 2000s  
White-water Club 1980s  
Woodwork Club 1980s  
Young Enterprise (Company) 1980s-2000s  







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