Course 21 (1977-78)

Taken outside the English classroom

Back row: David Nobbs, Simon Wilson, Denis Wyles Sue Pyle, Liz Sharpin, Chris Woodall, Tanya Howling, David Rix, Paul Bristow, Paul Spurgeon, Karenann Smith, Debbie Sparkes, Debbie Andrews, Denise Williams
Middle row: Callum, Brian, Sam Curruthers, Mandy Smith, Richard Riddley, Tracey Annison
Front row: Tommo? Jane Wills, Jo Singleton, Kenny Bowden, Liz Jones, Denise Ramsay, Margaret Free and Miss Sue Therrien.

"Shaun Wyles is not there so I think he must have been ill" - Denise McGee (Williams)

"I'm not in it either - I took the picture!" - Belinda Hornsby

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