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The College's rural surroundings were ideal for cross-country runs and a number of 'standard' routes, of varying lengths, were used. I remember clearly the final spurt over the last few hundred yards along Golf Links Road, with the turning to the old gym in sight; legs like jelly and lungs about to burst. The first two photos below were taken at the bottom of the slope in front of Morley Hall and show the two alternative approaches - either admit defeat and plunge into the mud, or attempt a clean jump.

Brian Ellis writes:

"Who remembers road runs?  As I recall there was the A, B, and C course, all of which left the school grounds, and the figure of 8, which did not.  The C course and figure of 8 both took about 25 minutes and could be run in a single 40 minute period.  The A and B courses were longer for at least a double PE.  One of these two had a short cut across fields.  It required care to make sure you didn’t arrive back at the sports hall too soon.  This file shows the routes as I remember them."

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Dennis Herrell 1961 Group sprint finish 1961 Senior CC 1964
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Junior CC 1964 Junior CC 1966 - the start Canterbury team 1967/68
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Junior CC 1968
(includes a celeb)
Senior CC 1968 John Head 1969 Salisbury House Cross Country Captain
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School team 1973/74


Kett team 1987






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