Views 1962/63
Photos taken by Chris Smith

An evening game of cricket in progress between Lincoln Hall and the group of staff chalets next to Golf Links Road.
Photo taken from Peel towards Kett Hall, showing part of Mr Worrall's garden, the pond and the Technical Drawing Office.
The south side of the Sports Block where workmen are putting finishing touches to the hard tennis courts.
Somewhere in the woods; perhaps the remains of an earlier building.  This could be the area where an assault course was made for the Army Cadet Force a year or two later.
The next frame on the film - in the same area.
The grass tennis courts just inside the southern boundary.
This photo appeared in 'Sixth Form Opinion' as well as the 1963 College Magazine.  The lorry looks like the vehicle that was used for Engineering Science practicals in the late 1950s.
The old hard tennis courts next to the MDH.  The area was also a coach park at the beginning and end of term and served as a parade ground for the ACF.
The High Street looking North with (in order) Cavell, Fry and Peel Halls.  The end of the covered way is just visible on the right.  The nissen hut (7) was a needlework classroom at this time.
Looking West from the covered way by Butler Hall.  This was the Seniors' break area.  Hut 32 (classrooms) on the left, Cavell Hall at the back.  Hut 7 and the Library are on the right.  The two oak trees are still standing - the present view is on the WC in 3D page.

Two night-time shots of Peel Hall.
Lincoln Hall on a sunny winter's day.
And looking in the reverse direction from the Gloucester House side of Lincoln.  Brrrrrrrr!  The tree is still there (but rather bigger).
Shifting to the right, there's the corner of Peel Hall, the Admin hut/tuck shop and 26.
A winter's night next to Lincoln Hall.

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