Pond Mayhem 1963
Photos by Chris Smith

The winter of 1962/63 was the coldest over England and Wales since 1740.  From Boxing Day 1962 to early March 1963, much of England was continuously under snow.  Mean maximum temperatures were more than 5C below average and in some places more than 7C below average.  At last, on 4 March, a mild south-westerly flow of air reached the British Isles. There was occasional rain that day in most parts of Britain, and further rain the following day in the west and north, this time prolonged.

The pond was frozen when we came back from the Christmas holiday and it wasn't long before a glass-like strip had been created as a slide

Robin Jackson and John Wood in tandem.
Everyone seems well wrapped up ....
.... except for the chap on the right of this photo.  People are launching themselves at frequent intervals, so when a mishap occurs ....
.... there's no way to avoid it!  John Wood makes his escape at the front.
Chris Studd facing the camera at the left and Trevor 'Freddie' Mills is on the slide, just about to join the mass.

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