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Although not an official curriculum sport at Wymondham College, the cycling club, formed in 1975, remained active through 1977 and achieved some national prominence in 1976 by taking the No. 2 position in the English Schools Cycling Association National Team Time Trials (with a team of Chris Watts, Kevin Dobson and Ashley Hines).

Originally formed by English Teacher Richard Elliot, it may be fair to say that many were drawn to the club primarily as a means of escaping the campus.  However, it was not long before its members discovered the masochistic joys of pushing themselves to the limit, and self-imposed training regimens were soon taking place most nights between 4 - 6 p.m., in preparation for local and national cycle races.

With the main core of the Cycling Club comprising a New Hall contingent, Housemaster Mr. Garrard, expressed concern that the wall-to-wall photos of the Tour de France and a shrine to Eddy Mercx in the 5th & 6th form rooms was bordering on "fanaticism."  Various bans on cycling were imposed, but this back-fired when the cyclists simply turned their Buddhist-like devotion to cross country, and the house swept the board in the school cross-country; Ashley Hines winning in 1976, and John Hunt in 1977, with the other cyclists all in the top 10 for the three consecutive years, 75-77.

In a strange twist of fate, the two cross country champions Hines and Hunt were involved in a serious car accident on the A11 in 1978.  John Hunt, the driver, died of his injuries.

Ashley Hines

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