Dave Goman's Cars

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Three photos of Dave's Bond Minicar Mark C, registration GCL 176

A cherry red version .... would 'speed' its way from south Norwich to Wymondham every morning, driven by none other Dave Goman.  He recently recalled how the steering wheel came off in his hands on one occasion, when passing through Hethersett, & the car steered itself for a while before turning off onto a convenient empty stretch of ground!  Stories of this car abound, and not necessarily when Dave was in it, so come on you Fifties' scholars; let's hear some of them! - David Spinks

This small collector's card shows the Mark A

This photo, taken in the mid-fifties, shows a hard-top model in a lighter colour that could be either a Mark C or Mark D.  It weighed 450 lb (as those who ever lifted it will know!).  Apparently a moulded fibreglass hardtop was made available by Bond for "saloon" conversion.  The Minicars were sold as 'the World's Most Economical Car' for approximately 300 when new.
Dave also owned a Mini Traveller (the half-timbered model) in the Sixties.

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