Staff vs. 1st XI 1963

Back row: Frank Laughton, Jack Hawkyard, Eldred Bobbin, Bob Syrett, Stephen Deere, Geoffrey Quest, Ted Herrington, Ian Stockwell, Charles Worrall, Colin Greenfield, Keith Davitte, Tim Myhill, Stuart Robinson, William Kiddell, Terry Marney, Chas Parker.
Front row: Paul Townsend, Keith Rutherford, Robin Jackson, Andy Seeley, Neil Dexter, Bob Norton, Roger Goodwin, Walter Syrett.

According to the magazine, the College scored 209 for 3 declared (Dexter 103 not out, Townsend 50). The Masters scored 108.

"I and Neil Dexter opened bat. I made 80-something not out, I don't recall Neil making over 100; I think it was 50-something and if there was a third at bat if Neil was dismissed is something I cannot recall.  I do remember our housemaster Jack Hawkyard (God rest) was extremely P***** O** because he was playing wicket keeper and missed stumping me early in the game.  I also remember blasting a straight six off Stan Montgomery who was a former county player helping with the coaching so he was allowed to play on the staff team."

Robin Jackson

An update from Robin Jackson:

"The next year, 1964, Neil indeed made the 100+ (as reported in the college mag). I would have enjoyed being a spectator, however 63 was my last year at the College."


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