The Dennis Herrell Collection (Phase 2)

1961:  David Lockwood, Keith Hudson, Tim Doe, Terry Lake, Dennis Herrell, Terry Flood, Gerald Gunton, Raymond Smith

1961:  David Lockwood, David Allison, Gerald Gunton, Geoffrey Holmes (back to camera), Tim Doe, Terry Flood, Sooty (Keith Hudson?), NK

1961:  Dennis Herrell, Terry Lake (?), Terry Flood (sitting), David Allison, Robin Smith (?), NK

1961:  Terry Flood, Timothy Doe, Gerald Gunton and Terry Lake (or Terry Sparrow - very similar) at Snetterton when ostensibly on 'walks.'  Dennis says: "we all biked out there one Sunday afternoon in 1961.  A real detective might be able to figure what day this was ... i.e. when were there races/practices on a Sunday at Snetterton in 1961?  I'd guess either in March or April."

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