East Boys Summer 1961
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Back row:  Dave Cox, 3 x NK, ? Bond, ? Morris(Stack's brother), David Wright, Carl Juggins, Roger Cole, Alan Baker,  Michael Cullingham, David Mason, 2 x NK, Nigel Knott, Walter J. Syrett, Geoffrey 'Spike' Laws, Graham 'Hank' Bowman, NK, Nicholas Edge
5th row:  ? Newby, 2 x NK, ? White, ? Griffin, Alan Green, Tony Dyson, Paul S. Clarke, Ian Robinson, John Fox, Dan Hegarty, NK, Tony Marter, Eldred Bobbin, NK, Raymond Goodswen, Brian 'Jess' Harper, NK, Michael Hubbard
4th row:  Graham Haw, Anthony Thomas, Peter Bonsall, Mike "Dinger" Bell, James Hanks, John Case, Malcolm Makins, David Blanch, Robert Attoe, Keith Swetman, Chris 'Stack' Morris, John Mayes, David Cole, David Fox, Barry Curzon, Roger Moore, David Owen, John Vaughan, Roger Trett, Keith Jermyn,  Robert 'Del' Shannon, Jeremy Buck
3rd row (seated): William Hurren, Graham Causton, Michael Cracknell, Roger Rowell, Trevor Palmer, Mr Davies, Mr Marney, Dolly Dolan (Matron), Mr Thornley - Housemaster, Gerald Siviour (Geography), Frank Thompson (who was Labour's parliamentary candidate for Norfolk South in 1964, and married English teacher Deirdre Skinner), Terence Lake, Paul Rump, John Lowton (senior), Raymond Smith, Peter Canham, Gerald Gunton,
2nd row: NK, Ian Hammond, Christopher Lowton, Keith Skipper, ? Preece, Stuart Robinson, Barry Warnes, John Elmer, Jonathan Banham, Ian McLure, Paul Stochaj, Michael Kirby, David Corbridge, Richard 'Raj' Jarvis, Ian Middleton, Trevor 'Freddie' Mills, Paul Rutter, Rodney James, NK, Stephen Meek, Tim Mason
Front row:
Alan Milburn (?), Tony Baker, David Jackson, Robin Jarvis, Timothy 'Spider' Webb, Paul Davies, James Willimont, Julian Smith, Alistair Taylor, Michael Browning, David Mobbs, Hamish McClay, Clive Swetman, Paul Richardson aka 'Fats'

Back Row Next to Allan Juggins is David Wright . 4th Row Between Malcolm Makins and Robert Attoe is David Blanch. Other sid of Robert Attoe is Keith Swetman. 3rd Row Next to Willie Hurren is Graham Causton then Michael Cracknell .        Between Ray Smith and Gerry Gunton is Peter Canham.

Mr Thornley had just taken over from 'Cuthbert' Terry.

Maurice Biggs should have been on the extreme left of 4th row next to G Haw but stood out of view.

Paul Stochaj writes:  "Hamish McClay was in the same year as myself and this photo was taken when we were in the second year and therefore we did not have to wear "short trousers" (he's the only one on the front row with 'long trousers').  Ross Jarvis had a brother about 2 years younger than himself who I believe also went to Wymondham but I an not quite sure of his name [It was Robin; on the front row - Charlie Smith]. His father was in the Air Force and they lived at RAF Marham in 164 AMQ. We moved into their house in about 1962 when I think his father was posted. (My parents acquired the house and I acquired his 'girl friend' who lived across the road!).  Jonathan Banham; I think he came from Suffolk and his father was a farmer. We were caught smoking in the woods at the back of the water tower by Mr Norton and were sent of for a caning by 'Muz.'  Jonathan went in first and got three and I got six. 'Muz' explained that the first three were for this time and the second three were for all the times that I hadn't been caught."

Robin Jarvis writes: My brother Richard Jarvis 'raj' is along the second row to the right with the specs and thick mat of hair between Corbridge and Middleton, in front of the last teacher with a light jacket on the right. He is at IBM now working out of Waltham Mass. As a US citizen and Complex Systems Manager. He lives in Mattappoisett a few miles east of Fairhaven - house in the forest, 50 yards from the sea, boat in the yard - the whole trip. Ross Jarvis was Ross Charles Jarvis, RC for short - pronounced phonetically. - Robin 'bottlemush/rej' Jarvis, East House 1959 - 1966.

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