Engineering Trip c1959

Was that an early school bus (aka Red Devil)?

Dennis Herrell:  "Here's a picture of a Goman trip - a group of us circa 1959.  Around "spring break" or whatever we called it then), we went to such places as Perkins Diesel, in Peterborough, and here we are at Boulton and Paul (or was it "notlob"... perhaps not 'til about 15 years later).  The three right at the top back are Ian Logan, Dennis Herrell, Tim Doe, then below Doe we have "face obscured" and then Brian Norwood (my rocket colleague [another topic to come - Ed.]).  To his left (i.e. right as viewed) "Stack" Morris, and then Patrick Lawty.  Other than that I only recognise Norman Alden far left and of course Dave Goman."

Alan Sidell:  "John Mackenzie is standing next to Norman Alden and leaning on him. I think the person just in front of Ian Logan could be ---- Peacock [Eric Peacock, otherwise known as 'Choppy.' - Ed.]. I recognise lots of other faces but can't put names to them at the moment. I can't see me in the picture, unless that's me peering over Dave Goman's left shoulder; perhaps I took the photo!  Incidentally, Norman Alden and I went to the same Primary school in Neatishead (North-east Norfolk) and we cycled to Wymondham College on a tandem to go on this trip."

Ian Logan: "The lad between Dave Goman and John Mackenzie on the first photo is, I think, Trevor Sharpe. I too cycled to the school for this trip - from Digby, Lincs ( between Sleaford and Lincoln) and remember sleeping overnight in a hay rick somewhere near March!"

Patrick Lawty: "I remember my family had moved to Nottinghamshire and I cycled from Retford to Norwich on the day before, meeting one of the others near Kings Lynn.  We stayed overnight with another pupil before cycling to the College the following day to join the group during holiday time.  If you hear another similar story, let me know who it is.  I really cannot remember."

John Mayes: "Looking over Dave Goman's right shoulder is Alan Rushmere . Two away from Dave Goman's left at the front is Roger Rowell."

Alan Sidell:  "I confirm Roger Rowell as a definite, and I think it could be Richard Tonge (wearing dark-rimmed specs.) whose face is mostly hidden by Brian (Prof) Norwood." Richard has subsequently confirmed that it is him in the photo.

This second photo was sent to us by Eric's daughter Eileen.  The same boys, but instead of Dave Goman we have driver Harry Wymer.

John Mayes:  In the second photo Alan Rushmere is on the far left as you view the photo and Roger Rowell is to the right of Harry Wymer.

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