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Staff signatures on one of Dave Turner's 'Alliance' Magazines

Left column:

L. Brunning, R.V. Metcalfe, Miles Baron, Kathleen S. Mitchell, Stan C. Littlechild, E.G. Fox, A.G. Seeley, J.E. Mosby, J.?. ?raven, M. Edwards, Agatha Oldroyd, Lorna B. Dolan (or Doolan?), John Turner, P.R. Banham, P.S. Kenyon [aka 'Sandy' - Ed.]

Click to enlarge Right column:

H.E. Appleyard, D. J. Goman, S.T. Vernon, D.F. Abram, H.T. Mitchell, J. Hawkyard, M.M. Allison, C.V. Hughes, F.V. Wilson, Ann Metcalfe, C.J. Sanderson, R.J. Garrard, R.J. Mullenger, D.M. Cooper, J.W. Dudley

J.E. Mosby was the first Principal of the College.  He was addressed as Dr. Mosby and wore a red robe.  When I enquired (as you do!) why he wore a red robe and was addressed as Dr. - I was advised he was a Doctor of Divinity!

Hazel Leveridge

Hazel Leveridge's Autograph Book

Hazel Leveridge (1951-54) has carefully preserved her autograph book that consists of around 60 pages.  Although the majority of entries are simple messages and poems, some pages are particularly interesting.  Here is a selection.

This drawing was added by Art mistress Agatha Oldroyd.

When Hazel was a baby,
It was toys, toys, toys.
When Hazel is a lady,
It is boys, boys, boys.


Good luck and best wishes from Anne Bean, Wymondham College 18.11.51 (In French Class)

The Norfolk School of Agriculture 6/2/52

M. Blazey, Ian Borg, M. Haylock, R. Brett, John Hart (?), T. Gammon, A. Williamson, D. Patterson, R.E. French (or R.C. Frank?), D.J. Rayner, R. Smith, J. Williams, J. Buckley, D. Burrows, D. Walker, G. Land, J. Millar, Ben Rackham (?), John Parry.

Technical School

Girls III Form: 'Annie get your gun' = Judy, Sonia Talbot, Vera Trundle, Gwen Medler, Shirley Doughty, Eileen Doy, Margaret Sandford, Ann Keeler, Lyn Nichols, Leslie, Rae Fuller, Phyllis Barker, Anne Bean, J. Keddy.

Boys III Form: Michael Stacey (Pat), Maurice Follen (Grasshopper), Ivan Hipperson, William Hammond, William Wiskin (1A), David Ladbrooke, Andrew Street, N. Barker (1A), B. Tungate (2B), D. Sayer.

Technical III Form

Margaret Smith, Maureen Seaton*, Sheila Bolton, Monica Baumber, Doreen Fenton, Janet Wing, Shirley Johnson, Mildred Roberts, Patricia Dack.

A.J. Rogers, Geoffrey Boldero*, R. Walker, Hugh McNeill.

* believed to have married

Staff of Technical and Grammer (sic)

Best Wishes E.G. Fox Sept/51 ... D. Goman 15 October/51 ... J. Tebbutt Oct 1951 ... To Hazel who can nearly spell A.L. Chattaway ... Harry T. Mitchell 18.10.51 ... S.T. Vernon Oct 51 ... J.M. Hodgson 10/10/51 ... B.E. Shepheard 16/10/51 ... R.V. Metcalfe 18/10/51 ... M. Edwards ... C. Sanderson ... Kathleen S. Rose 2-11-1951


J.E. Mosby ... B.Pickstock 19/11/51 ... E.A. Clark 20.11.51 ... S.C. Littlechild ... L. Brunning ... A.G. Seeley ... A.E. Duffield ... H.E. Appleyard ... F.V. Wilson ... P.S. Kenyon Feb 1952 ... Robert Mullenger.

Thetford Grammar Girls

Best Wishes Rita J. Last 31-10-51 ... Stephanie Bugdale ... Best of luck Patricia Luckhurst ... Mavis Murray  ... Beryl Chilvers ... Pamela Frost ... Best of Luck Joy Stowers (?) ... Best Wishes Gwen Howes ... Linda Eastwood ... Margaret Delph ... Doreen Gallant 20.12.51

Thetford Grammar Boys

All the best John H. Hall 4.2.52 ... Best Wishes Jack Smith ... Best of Luck M.G. Beck 4.2.52 ... Best Wishes at Wymondham College David Norfolk  ... All the Best A.W. Greenfield ... The Best of All ? B. (Ecola) Slegg Wymondham 52 ... Good Luck Terry Tilley Wymondham 4.2.52 ... Best Wishes Graham F. Lines Wymondham 1952 ... D. (--bert--?) Footer

On the evening of January 31st and the morning of February 1st 1953, the East Coast of Britain suffered one of its worst tragedies when a disastrous flood caused death and destruction.  The combination of gale force northerly winds and exceptionally high tides caused havoc from Yorkshire through to Kent.  When it subsided, hundreds were dead (65 in Hunstanton alone), thousands homeless and over 50,000 animals were killed.  Fire Brigades from all over the country helped to pump out damaged properties and the College was temporary home for a Section of the Lancashire Fire Brigade, several of whom signed Hazel's autograph book & included their 'home' locations.

Related press clippings are here

W. Humpage - Bigger & better Fires - Morecambe ... <illegible> ... D. Dickinson ... H.M. Skinner ... S. Naylor ... ----ddlar ... ---- Ames - S. Rubery (?) Sub. Lt. ... I. Clark - Chorley ... Alf Jones - Janofoster (?) 14 ... Lord Nelson (!) ... M. Riley - Lancaster ... J. Richardson <illegible> ... S. Herrington 

We sent copies of these pages and the news clippings to the Association of Retired Lancashire Fire Officers, in the hope that some of the men listed here were members, but did not receive a reply.
F.M  Ogden 586
Lancashire County F.B.
Jones Street
S.M. 556 Mills


Sue Harper's Autograph Book Extracts

FORM 1A 1959-1960  (maybe not the entire class)
VJ Davison (Widdle)
Elizabeth Baldry (Liz)
Monica Blake (Mony)
Linda Worsfold (Midget)
Bridget Flaxman (Biddy Bardot)
Lynne M Kirby (Tich)
Eileen Codling (Codfish or Codface)
Jill Waker (Liz)
Sandra Watling (Swatling)
Gloria Brown (Gor Gor)
Linda Bunting
Hilda Gent (Hilly)
Stephanie Darbishire (Stevie)
Jonathan Banham (Percy)
C Brooks (Muscles)
P Melvin (Handsome)
Ian Futter (Pussy)
C Jackson (It)
Hamish McLay (Haggis)
Geoffrey Doy
Richard Jarvis (4 eyes)
Richard Simmons (Shrimp)
M Kirby (Kirbus)
Staff (collage)
Monsieur Laurent and Gerd Rohmann (French and German visiting student teachers)  [Looks as if Gerd made an impression Sue! - Ed.]

Mr. McConkey telling me to 'Sois sage!' (be good)

F. Coulton (was this a member of staff or not?)

R.V. Metcalfe, J.B. Davies, B.J. Taylor, H. Jenkins, Edgar Baker, Anthony Watson, R.T. Marney and P. Wrench

The interloper in pencil was my mate Judith Chambers.










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