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The Reports were the only things that diminished the joyful end of term feeling.   The format has changed a bit over the years; not least because class positions are considered politically-incorrect these days.

Here are some examples. Can anyone provide later versions?  Click on the white links and use your browser's <back> button to return:

Dave Turner - 1951
Judy Colman - 1955 page 1 + 1955 page 2
Herb Atkins - 1958 page 1 1958 page 2

This is a copy of my first report for "Home Management".  This 'new age' class included all the elements which would help us integrate better into the boarding environment and taught us how to iron shirts, put clothes into washing machines and sew buttons back onto things.  As you can see from the report, dear old 'Chicken' Rutherford was less than impressed with the antics of a bored 11 year old!

The advent of this class meant that the Matrons' workloads went down and enabled them to do more of those things that really mattered; like sorting laundry, checking shoes and multitasking between eating biscuits and scowling!

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