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Late 1950s Maths Book (Kevin John Kennedy)

1972/73 Religious Education Book (Steve Grant)

The book only contains one unmarked essay about "Censorship" and the following untitled comment in the back:

Political Comment by Steve Grant (Form 52)

"What annoys me intensely is the hypocritical talk done by politicians in Party Political Broadcasts and other party conventions. They shout the odds about how the other parties have made mistakes and nothing they do is right. Harold Wilson is the worst for this, he is constantly shouting that VAT is wrong but what would he have done? He also says that the Tories have caused rising prices but what better could he have done, nothing except a freeze which is what the Tories are doing. They always manipulate facts to disgrace the opposite party so they will be more popular."

Some things just never change.

1971-73 Technical Drawing Folder (Steve Grant)






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