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A New Testament Bible was presented to all pupils to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953.  The inner page was signed by R.V. Metcalfe and my form teacher J. Turner.

Dave Turner


This is David Spinks' copy of the Coronation Bible


I was awarded a prize for Technical Drawing in my last year, but  because my choice was considered to be in 'bad taste' it was not presented formally in front of the school.  The prize, a book entitled "Concerning Jazz" (edited by Sinclair Traill), was sent through the post to my home.

Dave Turner

Dean Acheson was US Secretary of State 1949-53. He was Guest of Honour at the very first speech day on 21st October 1958, in St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, and opened Lincoln Hall officially that morning.  Did he return to the College in 1970 for Speech Day?









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