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Calendar (1983)

At the risk of being called "sad," I have a complete set of these dinky little calendars that we were all issued with, running from 1980-1989.  The thing that makes these stand out in my memory is that not only were we instructed to carry these at all times (on pain of death), but they recorded the "Ticks, Noughts and Crosses" that were handed out every month.  As I recall, these were monitored by the House tutors and whilst ticks for each subject were good (double-ticks better),  noughts attracted unwelcome attention and crosses meant a less-than-charming interview with the House Master, which included highlights of growling, snarling, idle threats,  not-so-idle threats and the promise of cleaning all the brass in the house - which is something I became very good at over the years!

Steve Fox

Timetable and Routines (Summer 1977)
[I think this set came from Lyn Dobson (thanks Lyn!)]

Boarding Routine Daily Routine Contacts
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