Gloucester House 1963
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Back row: Paul Thain, Charles Dodgshun, Geoff Wright, Stephen Barnes, Malcolm Ryder, James 'Dino' Robb, Anthony Harvey, David Honley, David Seward, Paul 'Gubby' Turner, Martin Moore, John Boughton, David 'Lugs' Jackson, Geoffrey Wilson, Jeffrey Amis, Dave 'Diggers' Digby
4th row: Christopher Ashton, Alan 'Gutty' Bridges, John 'Tommy' Young, Raymond 'Fred' Gribble, Paul Townsend, Michael Rice, James 'Rags' Miller, Brian Farrow, John Wood, Eddie Fincham, Ken Coulter, Royston 'Reggie' Futter, John Howard, Chris 'Fred' Hatton, Trevor Corless, Ian 'Ferrous/Herman' Matthews
3rd row:  Terry 'Spadge' Sparrow, Terence Waddington, Mr Bowen (cleaner), Dave 'Asshume' Goman, Geoffrey Quest, Mrs Mabel (or Alice?) 'Frowena' Frowen, Ken Bowman, Richard 'Bunny' Long, Mr Stephen Wood, Trevor 'Yad' Tolliday, Michael 'Herb' Amis, Terry 'Clogger' Cloake
2nd row:  Colin 'Burdy' Burdett, Ian Palmer, Malcolm 'Tank' Girling, David 'Daisy' Church, Mike Smith, Patrick 'Teddy/Tugboat/Tubby' Turner, Kevin 'Horace' Hare, Philip 'Dobbin' Harvey, Martin Rose, Robin Bambridge, Paul Dodgshun, Terry Medlar, Roger Crouch, Paul 'Bengo' Moore, Graham 'Barty' Girling
Front row:  Alan 'Dophus' Davies, Roger Hayward, Craig Clayton, Clive ('Burt' or ''Clanaster') Lancaster, Steve 'Big Louis' Human, Nigel 'Nobby' Clarke, Andrew Cordle, Colin 'Tufty' Drapper, Patrick (or Timothy?) Sheehan, Paul Harris, Bruce Clayton, Graham Ivany, Michael Frostick, Nigel 'Niggle' Barnard, Alan 'Hank' Hudson

"Alan 'Hank' Hudson .... was in our 8 dorm and when running away on one occasion managed to travel as far as (?) Gerrards Cross. He left after the 5th form. Outstanding swimmer. His dad was a jeweller in Norwich." - Ian Matthews

"Whilst working in China, I put up on our office notice board three different South House photos and challenged the staff to 'find' me. Of the 30 staff, the nearest anyone got was to announce that Ken Bowman was me. Tragic really as I had already mentioned that I was 15 when the photo was taken!  - Jim Robb

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