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1.  Cadet Camp
(Bodney, near Thetford, 1963)

a. Paul Stochaj at the wheel of an Austin Champ b.  Paul and Pete Rogers.
c. Graham Haw d. Pete Rogers and Steve Griffin (note the Company Sergeant Major's Crown on his right wrist). An Army '88' wireless set is in the back of the jeep.
e. f.
g. And they thought the College huts were uncomfortable!




2.  Certificates


3.  The Army Cadet Force
(1965 College Magazine)

Last year the summer camp was held at Bodney, near Thetford. As this is so near most of our homes, almost all contingents were represented by fewer cadets than usual. However, the camp was a successful one, with exercises on the Stanford Battle Area, a day's .303 shooting on Thetford Range, and an artillery demonstration of the latest weapons used by the Army. Lieut. Staveley also managed to take a few of us for an afternoon's gliding at Tibbenham.

In the English Counties Cadet Sports Cadets Biggs and Wardale represented Norfolk. Biggs came second in the mile and Wardale fourth in the hurdles. At the end of the autumn term Lieut. Staveley took over command of the unit when Captain Swann left the College. Captain Swann had had the responsibility and hard work of the formation of the unit, and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking him for his efforts on our behalf.

At the beginning of the Spring Term Mr. Fox joined us, and his commission should be through by the beginning of the next school year. Through his energetic enthusiasm the assault course has now been all but finished and should be frequently used next year.

Congratulations to Sgt. Peterkin, who passed a Certificate "T" exam. in mechanical engineering during the year. Six cadets were awarded the Norfolk Cadet Force leadership certificate, and the red lanyard which goes with it, at the end of the annual camp last year.

During the Easter holidays S/Sgt. Haw and Cpl. Marfleet went to an advanced training camp in Yorkshire, and there completed a course designed for the expedition section for the gold medal of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. They report that it was an enjoyable experience apart from the wind and rain.

On the 12th and 13th of June some twenty cadets went to take part in .303 shooting at Horsford Range. Grouping and application were fired at 100 and 200 yards, and valuable experience gained. Regular .22 shooting is still a problem, but eight or nine cadets generally go to the Wymondham Range each week.

At the end of this term the A.C.F. is going for a two-day camp at Weybread, where cadets will be responsible for their own cooking and general camping arrangements. Let us hope there will not be too many cases of food poisoning to report in next year's magazine. Subsequently the Summer Camp will be held at Lydd in Kent, and at least thirty cadets are expected to represent the College.

With the probability of our becoming a Combined Cadet Force next year, our numbers are on the increase. I hope that this will continue, and that the Corps has every success in the future.

S. GRIFFIN (Sgt./Major).

4.  Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award Expedition
(Yorkshire, Easter 1965)

a. b.
c.  Adrian Marfleet on the right resting on the bonnet of the Champ. d.  Adrian Marfleet on the right.
e.  "My bivouac on the left; first morning. We were allocated 1 or 2 army capes each and some string, told where to camp and left to get on with it. As the photos show, some people were more success-ful at making bivouacs than others!" f.  "Adrian Marfleet 2nd from left behind the clothes line. We had a tremendous amount of
rain and it was a real struggle to find ANY dry clothes to wear."
g. h.  Adrian enjoying breakfast (on the left with fork to his mouth).
i. j.  Adrian emerging from his bivouac.