Hazel Leveridge's 1950s Album

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Ann Thornton, Maureen Arbour, Joy Emerson (aka 'Fishery'), Joe Rose - 1954


Alan Algate, Maureen Seaton, Geoffrey Boldero and Dennis Thomas 1954


Maureen Seaton, Sheila Bolton, Doreen Fenton and Mary Hall at Yarmouth 1954  

Back: 'Buster' (Maureen Arbour?), Monica Baumber and 'Joe' (Rose?)
Front: Ann Thornton, 'Chick' Hurn and Mary Freestone

Group at Yarmouth - including 2 male teachers 1954   Geoffrey Boldero - Felixstowe 1954
Diggle, Brown, Sendall, Taylor, Cope and Wood   Mr Norton and Miles Baron in white coats, with Tony Howe - 1954
Ginger, Graham and Tony - possibly Norfolk School of Agriculture - near Dorm 16  

Beach Babes ... (back) Maureen Seaton, Hazel Leveridge, Mary Hall (front) Doreen Fenton and Sheila Bolton

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Miss Dolan and girls after school.

  Group of Dorm 14 girls in front of the Golf Professional's bungalow - 1952

Stuart Handley at Yarmouth 1954   Hazel Leveridge 1954
Sonia Talbot and Ann Keeler? 1954   Hazel Leveridge - Felixstowe 1954
Cynthia Robinson - Grammar III   Alan Algate - Felixstowe 1954
(Hazel's 'fixing' her roller skate at the side)