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Head Boy 1951/52

School Prefects 1955/56 Newly-promoted Prefects - 1962 (2 photos)
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Head Boy and Girl 1969/70 Head Boy and Girl 1970/71  
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Head Boys & Girls 1971/72

Head Boys 1972/73

Head Boys & Girls 1973/74


Year Head Boy Head Girl Heads of House
1951-52 Jack Smith    
1952-53 Jack Smith Mavis Murray Houses were established early in 1953.  Known first House Captains were:  East: John Hall, Fay Stowers  West:  Mervyn Beck, Brenda Broughton

Prefects (Grammar School): Maureen Spooner, Mervyn Beck, Fay Stowers, Graham Lines
Prefects (Technical School - all 4th Form): John Bacon, Madge Allard, Reginal Daniels, Pauline Crowe, Aubrey Hammond, Patricia Dack, Hubert Harbord, Hazel Leveridge, Ivan Hipperson, Maureen Seaton, Brian Leverett, Margaret Smith, W. Nicholls, Rosamund Walker

1953-54     North: J. Hurn, Kevin Westnott  South: Aubrey Hammond 
Ivan Hipperson, Anne Thornton  West: Brian Leverett, Denise Tate

Prefects (Grammar School): Maureen Arbour, Margaret Brown, Mary Freestone, Doreen Rushbrooke, Anne Thornton, Allan Chilvers, Robert Collins, Graham Crane, Kevin Westnott
Prefects (Technical School - all 5th Form): Aubrey Hammond, Margaret Sandford, Ivan Hipperson, Mary Hall, Reginald. Daniels, Maureen Seaton, John Bacon, Rosamund Walker, Stuart Handley, Hazel Leveridge, Hubert Harbord, Madge Allard, W. Nicholls, Judith Harris, Brian Leverett, Rae Fuller

1954-55 Kevin Westnott
(See Footnote 1) then A. Hammond
Margaret Brown North: Kevin Westnott, Margaret Brown  South:  Aubrey Hammond, Joyce Daniels
East: Anne Thornton, Joseph Keddy  West:  Doreen Fenton, Allan Chilvers

Prefects (Technical School): Judith Harris, Doreen Fenton, Sheila Bolton, Margaret Roy, Ruth Halsey, Sylvia Caston, Aubrey Hammond, Hubert Harbord, S. Handley, Reginald Daniels, John Bacon, Allan Chilvers

Prefects (Grammar School): Maureen Arbour, Nancy Carman, Graham Crane, Joyce Daniels, Mary Freestone, Anthony Howe, Anne Thornton, Brian Winn

1955-56 Brian Winn Anne Thornton North: Anne Drinkwater, Reginald Daniels  South: Mary Freestone, Stuart Handley
East:  Anne Thornton, Joseph Keddy  West: Allan Chilvers, Nancy Carman

Prefects: Maureen Arbour, Sheila Bolton, Nancy Carman, Joy Emmerson, Mary Freestone, David Batterbee, John Bacon, John E. Brown, Allan Chilvers, John Cushion, Reginald Daniels, Stuart Handley

1956-57 Neil Whyte Anne Metcalfe North: Heather Going, Gerald Livick-Smith  South: Stella Carman, Sydney Banyard
East: Judith Hoyes, Brian Turner  West: Ann Metcalfe, Neil Whyte

Prefects: Stella Carman, Anne Drinkwater, Judith Hoyes, Felicity Newton, Brian Turner, Reggie Ramm, Gerald Livick-Smith, Graham Homer, Mervyn Taylor, Sydney Banyard, Bob Blasby

1957-58 Neil Whyte Patricia Marsh North: Renate Borchardt, TB  East: Marree Rudrum, RS
South: Sheila Ward, RR  West: Patricia Marsh, Bob Rowell
1958-59 David Burdett Janet Fincham North: Anne Fawell, J. Hulme  East: Julia Pitcher, David Tilson
South: Heather Reed, D. Clare  West: Janet Fincham, David Burdett
1959-60 David Tilson Patricia Morris North: Rosemary Daisley, Philip Malt  East: Diana Gosling, Anthony Walker
South: Pamela Culling, David Willmott  West: Janice Jongman, Adrian Smith
1960-61 Dennis Herrell Heather Roy North: Ann Cousins, Dennis Herrell  East: Jennifer Griffin, Terence Lake
South: Linda J. Taylor, Stuart J. Davey  West: Heather Roy, Adrian Smith
1961-62 Leonard Gosling Louise Chaney Norwich: James Chapman  Durham: Philip Bacon  Salisbury: Gerald Gunton
Canterbury: Robin Smith   York: Leonard Gosling  Gloucester: Barry Wright
Alison Davey  Worcester: Judith Wilton
Wells: Christine Vincent  Westminster: Trudy Bevier
1962-63 Timothy Howe Jane Chapman Norwich: John Postle  Durham:   Salisbury: Roger Cole
Canterbury:  Malcolm Read  York: Sean Logan  Gloucester: Terence Waddington
Wells:   Westminster:
1963-64 Trevor Tolliday Jane Ford Norwich: W.T.J. Lawrence  Durham: Richard Leighton  Salisbury: Ian Robinson
Canterbury: William Kiddell  York: Mervyn Boast  Gloucester: Trevor Tolliday
Jennifer Bayfield  Worcester: Joy Reynolds
Wells: Jennifer Marsden  Westminster: Jane Ford

See Footnote 2

1964-65 William Kiddell Lorna Codner Norwich: Paul Rutter  Durham: Graham D. Smith  Salisbury: Jonathon Banham
Canterbury: George Gawlinski   York: Edgar Riches  Gloucester: Michael Rice
Mary Spooner  Worcester: Pauline Gyton
Wells: Caroline Stubbings  Westminster: Margaret Hannant
1965-66 Richard Simmons Nicola Chittock Norwich: Trevor Wilson  Durham: Eddie Walker  Salisbury: John Masters
Andrew Harper  Gloucester: Paul Thain
Westminster: Kay Farrow.
1966-67 Adrian Knights Kay Farrow Salisbury: Ian Ray  Durham: Brian Dyer  Gloucester: John Young  Canterbury: Michael (Mike) Boxall
Valerie Pine  Westminster: Diana Langley
1967-68 Timothy Fitt Susan Keeling Norwich: Clive Crouch  Durham: Christopher Thatcher (until leaving at Xmas 1967), then Adrian Dubock  Salisbury: Kevin Ireland
Canterbury: David Batchelor  York: John Gant  Gloucester: Stephen Human
Ruth Moss  Worcester: Angela Stevens  Wakefield: Linda Pocock
Wells: Susan Keeling  Westminster: Susan Hannant  Washington: Christine Lawton
1968-69 John Scott Joan Worby Norwich: Richard Oldman  Durham: Richard Emerson  Salisbury: Stephen Oliver
Canterbury:  Andrew Sturman  York: Andrew Ramsay  Gloucester: Nigel Tansley-Thomas
Hilary Weaver  Worcester: Stephanie Bryer  Wakefield: Pat Trigg
Wells: Barbara Howe  Westminster: Perdita Morgan  Washington: Mollie Mallett
1969-70 David Bowerin
Paul Fenton (CGS)
Dorothy Wyer
Linda Spicer (CGS)
Norwich: John Corrigan  Durham: David Payne  Salisbury: Barry Shepherd
Canterbury: Anthony Cronin  York: John Elsegood  Gloucester: Geoffrey Worsfold
Anne Furbank  Worcester: Janice McAvoy  Wakefield: Pat Sparkes
Wells: Ingrid Meyer  Westminster: Julia Nicholls  Washington: Beverley Pollock
1970-71 Mike Hedley Pat Murrell  
1971-72 Kevin Hathaway
Russell Hill (CGS)
Angela McAvoy
Shelagh Bailey (CGS)
Fry: Patricia Stephens, Susan Hardy, Andrew Edwards, Graham Pitcher
Gloucester: Esther Farrow, Margaret Cockburn, Barry Clarke, Derek Everitt
Kett: Kathryn Oxley, Susan Johnson, Alex Mullins, Christopher Spinks
New: Angela Ash, Christine Barrett, Kevin Hewitt, Trevor Overton
Peel: Paulette Cross, Ann Dawson, Michael Garton, Philip Sharpe
York: Sylvia Szczepanski, Jenny Wade, John Houseago, David Piper

See Footnote 3

1972-73  Stephen Spencer (boarding)
Duncan Lyons (day)
Daryl Hughes Fry: Wendy Hill, Joanna Bassingthwaighte, David Woodhouse, Kevin Emmerson
Gloucester: Jacqueline Green, Carolyn Head, Andrew Rowland, Peter Robinson
Kett: Anne Warner, Linda Sheldrake, David Bowyer, Andrew McKelvey
New: Pamela Worsley, Jean Briggs, Christopher Booth, Andrew Davidson
Peel: Gillian Norman, Marion Marsh, Simon Marfleet, John Street
York: Sara Dearden, Ruth Palmer, Hedley Philpott, Brian Rowles
1973-74 Granville Perkin
Andrew Clarke
Sandra Partridge
Alison Bailey
1974-75 Ian Rippon (boarding)
David Worsley (day)
Deborah Warnes (boarding)
Rachel Price (day)
Cavell: Susan Slater, Oliver Howe, Julie Hawes, Simon Pocklington
Fry: S. Wilkie, J. Clarke, A. Greaves, C. Macdougall
Kett: Anne Ashworth, Tim Sharpin, Christine Lalley, Allan Rutherford
Lincoln: Sarah Taylor, Wendy Rowles, Allan Goldsworthy, Rheinhart Fuhrman
New: Karen Dubock, Lesley Roberts, Alan Cavell, Christopher Maurer
Peel: Lesley Breese, Bridget Sandford, Stephen Nugus, Carol Whitworth
1975-76 ? ? Cavell: Gill Spencer, Chris Watts, Joy Reeve, Paul Butcher
Fry: Heather Skea, Stephen Pettit, Maxine Keeley, Andrew Warman
Kett: Steven Betts, Gillian Brown, Paul Leatherdale, Doborah Wolsey
Lincoln: Clive Smith, Virginia Abbey, Lesley Green, Mandy Morgan
New: Jo Blyton, Tim Perkin, Gwen Holmes, Peter Martin
Peel: Mitchell Brokes, Carol Clarkson, Adrian Gleadhill, Jeremy Mills
1976-77 ? Elizabeth Symons Cavell: Nigel Wainwright & Elizabeth Symons (boarding); Kim Mayfield & Joy Reeve (day)
Fry: Christopher Derry & Susan Muir (boarding); Timothy Mace & Catherine Gibson (day)
Kett: Cliff Martin & Wendy Simmons (boarding); Jonathon Borrill & Catherine Wodehouse (day)
Lincoln: Leslie Hewett & Lesley Cleverley (boarding); Ian Pilkington & Nicola Gigg (day)
New: Steven Dane & Diane Payne (boarding); Steven Hands & Julie Hammett (day)
Peel: Kevin Sparkes & Josephine Hill (boarding); Richard Arundell & Frances Watkins (day)
1977-78 Robert Heron (day)    

Originally, we assumed that from 1977 onwards the House Captains/Heads of House were those who wrote the House reports for the College magazine - as was the practice in earlier years.  Wrong!  Mike Arnott has written to say:

"Just a small point; In the 'house captains' section, you say you assume that those who wrote the house reports in the college magazine were the house captains, at least during my period. Not the case, I'm afraid. Awfully flattered to see my name on the list, but it would have been a dark time from which Lincoln would have struggled to recover had I been house captain! Can't remember who was, or indeed if we had any. We'd just moved over as the first 6th year into Lincoln after it became a 6th/7th year house, so I don't think we worried very much about stuff like that."

We've now removed the 10 years-worth of entries. [All that typing (sob) - Ed.]

1984-85 ? ?

The 'House Captain system' was declared to be on the way out by the Kett contributors to the 1985 College Magazine.

1986-87     New: Zoe Dickens
1987-88     Fry: Rebecca Silburn & Rebecca Butler (aka Becca and Becki).  It was apparently the first year that there were TWO house captains - Mr Brand couldn't choose!
1996-97 Kevin Chatten/
Andrew McDonnell
Rhion Prince/
Veena Joory
2002-03 Hayden Bannochie
/Richard Byles
Michelle Gibbs/
Sabrina Chesterman
2005-06 Henry Fraser (Autumn)
Jon Christian (Spring)
Ella Riley (Autumn)
Penny Camburn (Spring)

Footnote 1

"That's before they caught my dorm smoking" - Kevin Westnott

Footnote 2

"Your listing will probably reflect some anomalies, e.g. Dick Leighton Head of Durham. I believe he took over when certain prefects 'lost their stripes,' so he wasn't in the job for the whole year. Records tell little about this sort of thing, although there's plenty of it around!" - Chris Thatcher.

"I have vague memories about a big anti-smoking campaign around the same time (or possibly a bit later). Whether it's my drink befuddled brain or an accurate memory I seem to recall that after a number of people had been caught one weekend, Muz made an announcement in Assembly that anyone caught smoking would not be considered for selection for a school team - a policy that didn't last long as most of the 1st XV were in the next batch caught!" - Charlie (Julian) Smith

[I was in York at the time and we had a few demotions because lads were caught in a pub after an evening trip to the opera in Norwich.  Details here - Ed.]

Footnote 3

This was a turbulent time.  Although the Houses were regrouped as shown in September 1971, only two (Kett and New) were properly integrated in mixed Halls.  See the Family Trees page for more details.







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