Cavell Hall - 1978
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6th row:  8 Fiona Scott-Norman, 12 Cathy Symonds, 13 Steve Kirk, 23 Martin "Doug" Walters, 25 Andrew Blacker, 30 Mark Cook, 38 Jon Barker, 39 William Hipkiss, 40 Steve Carnie, 41 Kevin Adams, 42 Huw Payne, 43 Paul Rogers, 45 Patrick Lovett, 46 Steven Rochfort?, 48 Sue (Toni) Hammond, 50 Jane Blake , 53 Andy Lynn
5th row: 
40 Jerry Youngman, 41 Mark Waterson?, 43 Chris Gay, 44 Jeremy Hardingham, 45 Andrew Watts? 49 Richard Burrett, 50 Timothy Salter, 51 Stephen Roberts, NK x 2, 54 Neil “Vultch” Curruthers, 55 Philip Vozza, NK x 3, 59 Andrew Handley, 60 Jeremy Deacon, 61 Martin Clark, 62 Su Lund
4th row (standing):
45 Melanie Jay (tall with dark hair), 46 Helen Brundish (long blonde hair in two bunches) ..........  far right ..... Richard Firth, Nick Lacey, John Meuse (mews,muse?), Paul Wilkinson, NK, NK
3rd row:
1 William Palmer, 2 Grant Scott, 3 Isla Miller, NK x 3, 7 Chris Boreham, 8 Andrew “Lewy” Lewins, 9 Sue Evans, 10 Ronnie Stapleton, 11 Wendy Few, 12 NK,13 Jo Bickford Smith, 14 Joy Hooi, 15 Simon Newington, 16 NK, 17 David Wigney (Head of Economics) 18 Sue Hurrell (now Cramp) (Maths), 19 Mervyn Taylor (Maths) 20 Annie Veal (English), 21 John Edwards (Technology) 22 Richard ? (Science), 23 Sue Therrien (English) 24 Geoffrey Dorling (Head of Science), 25 Miss Restioux (matron), 26 Head of Cavell = Adrian Hoare, 27 Deputy Head of Cavell = Chris Fraser (PE), 28 Miss Williamson? (Matron), 29 Sue Littlewood (later Weaver) (PE) 30 Mike Weaver (PE) 31 Derek Moss (Science), 32 Rodney Freeburn (Maths) 33 Phil Davis (Art), 34 Paul Garton (Maths), 35 Glenn Flood, 36 Alison Gabriel, NK x 3, 40 Marc Stapleton (or Singleton?), 41 Michael Bulmer, 42 James Duffell, NK x 6, 49 Elizabeth Packer, 50 Andrew Long, 51 Julian Simpson.
2nd row:  NK, Pamela Sewell, Genette Gower, David Whybrow, NK, Dominic McClusky (?), NK, Justin Philcox, NK, NK, Paul Spurgeon (?), Denis Wyles, NK, NK, Gail Billing, Linda Hunter, Emma Townsend, NK, NK, NK, Helen Yorke, NK, Chris Perry, NK, Alastair Watson, Shaun Wyles, David Woods, Jo Singleton, Sarah Plummer, Wendy -------, Sam Phillips, Julie Roberts, Maria Benstead, Tamasin Doe, Bridget Hooper, Nickey Davey, NK, NK, Elizabeth Stockwell
 NK, NK, Simon --------, Dominic Bell, Andrew Graver, Scott Ingram, Alison Downes
Front row (the short row):
NK, Tim Stickland, Simon Hall, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, Benedict Hillier, Grant Hodges, NK, Paul Kingston, NK, Henry Andrews, Nick Saunders, Tomiya Riches, Barry Harding, Julie Davis, NK, Anneke Rutherford, Tracey Hammond, NK, Ashley Evans, NK, NK, Iain Trafford, Marion Yorke

"Am I the only one who can't even remember the photos being taken?  It can't have been a regular occurrence, so must have been a reasonably momentous thing at the time, but try as I might I cannot recall it being done!" - Lois Catchpole

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