Kett Hall Seniors (4th-7th Years) 1974
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Back (5th) row: A. Allen, Kevin Mann, Cliff Martin, Anthony Mullins, Keith Swann, R. Bowles, A. Dearie, Andrew Moll, P. Beck, Richard Shearman, Julian Wade, Holland, Amiss, Nigel Roberts, Malcolm Reeve, Andrew Campbell, David Lawther (Sproggs), Youngman, Ian Dorks, Andrew Symons, Johnathon Borrill
4th row: Ian Napier, Malcolm Fletcher, Ian Knight, Paulette Collingsworth, Julie Knights, Andrew Hauschild, Norman Lamb, Matthew Ellis, Paul Leatherdale, Graham Wilson, Paul Schofield, Dean Bostock, Steve 'Albert' Betts, David Booty, Peter Smith, Paul Webb, Andy Bryan, Stephen Hyde, John Weston, Grant Needham, NK, Caroline Otty, Gill Brown, Jennifer Watkins, Vanessa Grant, Mary Shepheard, Lesley Harbottle, Alison Meldrum
3rd Row: Richard Bailey, David Bracey, Mike Joy, Robert Ellis, Debbie Warnes, Anne Ashworth, Amanda (Mandy) Jacobs, Harriet Rathbone, Andrea Young, Jerry Goodyear, Christine Dellino, Tim Sharpin, Simon Trevithick, Angela Savage, Stephanie Holland, Alison Eales, Christine Lalley, NK, Karen Woodward, Teresa Ulrich, J Walsh, Sally Youngman, Deborah Wolsey, NK x 3, Deborah Howard, Juliet Harvey, NK
2nd Row: Vanessa Barrett, Allan Rutherrford, NK, Linda Plumb, W. Trevithick, Mr Pountain, Mr Baumohl, NK, Mr Elliott, Mr Seeley, Mr Mullenger, Mr Mills, Mr Locke, Miss Curson (Girls' Matron), Mrs Norton, Mr Norton, Mrs Hill (Boys' Matron), NK, Miss Staines, Miss Kettle, NK, Mr Pugh, Caroline Quinton, Janet Cummings, Loretta Caputo, Longhurst, Holmes
Front Row: Simon Tilbrook, Christopher Moore, NK, NK, Jane Ashworth, NK, Hilary Clay, Sarah Bramham, Susan Hogg, Julie Rising, Jennifer Day, NK, Wendy Lee, Karen Gard, Catherine Wodehouse, Nicola Wardale, Rosemary Sandy, Alison Smith, NK, NK, Dawn (Tina) Wigney, Maureen McAlea, Teresa -----?

Christine Plume (Dellino) sent in 19 names and said "I hope this helps somewhat. I've really only been able to identify those in my year and a couple below, and they are all boarders. I think we only began to be taught with the day students when I was in the 4th and 5th year, and I think we may have had meals with them by the 5th year, but to be honest, it took a long time to get to know them, so I guess they were the first names I forgot!"

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