South House Boys - 1955
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Back row:  Rodney Dewing, Brian Smith, William Wiskin, Henry Bull, NK, John Howes, Brian Simpson, NK, NK, ------ Coleman, NK, Ray Smith, NK, NK, NK, NK (16 in row)
4th row:  NK, NK, NK, Robert Read, NK, Keith Atkins ..... rest NK (15 in row)
3rd row:  Jim Long, Trevor Doughty ..... rest NK (15 in row)
2nd row (seated) :
David Spinks, Bernard Westgate, NK, Michael Cork, Stuart Handley, Mr David Freeman, Mr Patrick Bailey (Housemaster), Mrs Mabel Frowen (Matron), Aubrey Hammond, NK, Norman Daniels, NK, John Brown (13 in row)
Front row:  NK, Keith Hudson, ------ McGowan, NK, Norman Ashton, Christopher Vout, Geoffrey Holmes, Geoffrey Hardaker ......

"The photo was taken outside what I believe was Butler 19.  Mr Bailey is staff middle, Miss Frowen right and left, as I now remember, Mr Freeman (Art teacher).  Probable date 1955." - Patrick Lawty.

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