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1. Perhaps a very recent photo - any idea when and who?

Ivan Konash thinks maybe the year is 97/98 but can't put names to faces.

3. Swimming Pool, c1991

Mr McLay

4. Ian Burgess - New Hall and then Sixth for Peel
5.Jonathan Sage Fry, Finn Vine New, Chris Haverson New,
Kevin Chatten New (kicking), Tim Leeder Fry,
Steven Winstanely Fry, looking down not sure possibly Scott Barnard Fry, not sure either Travis Flannagan or Matthew Charrington Fry,
not sure possibly me! Chris Collins Fry
6.Giles Bone, New
Kate Adams, Cavell
Kathryn Lang, Cavell
Jonathan Ripley, Kett
Ken Lee, New
18. NK, Mr Sayer, Kett, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK
19. Mr Sayer, NK
20. Mr Sayer, NK, NK, NK
21. Mr Sayer, NK, NK, NK
23. NK, NK, NK, Mr Sayer, NK
25. Pleasurewood Hills c 1999

Left unknown, back Mr 'Gink/Ginkus' Sayer

27. c 1994

Miss 'Red Devil' Proctor, Geography

28.Front Row 2nd from right, Jonathan Barker

Middle front, Ben Powell


30.Top Left to right
Adam Seth: Matt 'Foothallio' Hall: Paul 'Brum' Brown: Oliver Smith: Chris Kerridge, Scott 'Scooter' Harwood: Jake Laws, Danny 'Hod' Hooks

Bottom left to right
Olly Hambidge, George Luis, Ben 'Skid' Simmington: James 'Woody' Woodeson: Doug Hayton-Williams: Stu Harwood, Andy 'Caddick' Bayley

31. 3rd XV Rugby 1996

Back L-R Niel Cooper, Max Billings, Stu 'Cowboy' Davidson, Ash Bowler, Mike 'Backman' Curry, Jamie Fowle, Troy 'Tash' Livingstone, Tony Pywell

Front L-R Steve 'Hooter' Kilroy, Paul Finnon, NK, Kev Chatten, Justin 'Bop' Thorpe, NK, NK

32. Leader: James Woodeson
33. Mr Hayton Williams
35. 1st Year Football 1995

Back - Adam Hooks, NK, Gary Thornton, Neil Thurston, NK, NK, Michael 'Goat' Foulger, Giles Harrold, Mr Hayton-Williams (Head of PE)

Front - NK, NK, Tim Freemantle, NK, NK

37.U15 Hockey 1995

Back - Emily Jones, Kate, NK, NK, Charlie Wright, Vicky Alston, Jenny Grover
Front - Rachel Hipperson, Amy Ludkin, NK, Emma Rix, Julie Moorland

38.Athletics Squad 1997

Back L-R - Megan Seth, NK, NK, NK, NK, Thom Thornton, Charlie 'Nike' Wright, NK, NK, NK
Front L-R - NK, NK, NK, James 'Red Engine' Woodeson, Hilary Pearson, Dom Hughes, NK, NK

39. Ben 'Skid' Simmington: Doug Hayton-Williams: James Woodeson: Oliver Smith: Ben Driver: Shane Jarvis : Mr Morgan

40.Back - Murray Thompson, David Harrison, Shane Hickey, NK

Front - Ben Jarvis, NK, Dave Harrison, NK

41.Top L-R: Jessica Dixon, Emma Skoyles, Jo Burgis, Lucy Hipperson, Emma Mullenger
Bottom L-R: Vena Joory, Sarah Foulger, Tanya Rix
42.1st Team Netball 1995
Top - Gemma Fuchillo, Jess Dixon, Emma 'Spuggy' Mullenger, Lucy Hipperson, Tanya Rix, Mrs 'Fozzie' Foster
Front - Vena Joory, Emma Skoyles, Sarah Foulger, NK
43. 1st Netball 1995

Back - Sheryl Trout, Nicky Trivett, Sarah Ward
Front - Dee Clipston, Sammi Saul, Laura Bagshaw

44.Top L-R: NK, Sarah Mullenger (younger sister of Emma), Lucy Bacon, Emma Rix (younger sister of Tanya) or Gemma Pitcher?
Bottom L-R: Katie Marsh, Jacqui Skoyles (younger sister of Emma), Amy Ludkin (younger sister of Joe)

45.Netball 1994
Top L-R: Nickie Copeland, Katie Shelton, NK, Jenny 'Predator' Oglvie
Bottom L-R: Anya Shaw, Celia Bennett, Kate 'Paddy' Woodrow

46. Soccer 1st XI 1993/94

I recognise the goalkeeper ... it's me!  I was in the firsts from my fifth year; but the others are all older than me; so it would have been one of the first teams I was in; so likely 1993/1994 season.
Back row (L-R): Ross Sherman, Nathan Ride, David Smith (gk), Kiernan O'Shea, Neil Budd, NK, Duncan McClay  
Front row (L-R): Mark Cherry, Tim Turner, NK, Stewart Kelly, Simon Spink.


47.Top row; Ben 'Skid' Simmington; James Woodeson; Oliver Smith; Doug Hayton-Williams
Bottom Row: Shane Jarvis, Rob 'Tick' Thompson, Ben Driver

48. 2nd Year Football 1994

Back L-R Jon Allen, NK, Tony Pywell, Mark King, Seb Martin, Tom Carter, Ben Powell, Mr 'Squeak' Long
Front L-R Nick Cook, Adam Reeson, Tom Thorton, Tom Crone, NK, Dougall

49. 5th Yr Football 1995

Back row: Luke Robertson, Richard Holt, Michael 'Backman' Curry, Chris Haverson, Ken Lee, Matt Duddlestone, Daniel Stone
Front row: Damian Smith, Finn 'Chin' Vine, Jonathan Sage, Joe Ludkin, Tom Holt

50.Top L-R: Adam Seth, Oliver Smith, James Woodeson, James Burdett, Tim Swetman: Leader: Mr Bradley: Captain with ball, Ben Simmington. Next to Captain right, Douglas Hayton Williams

51. Back L-R James Powell, NK, NK, Neil 'Slug' Gilroy, NK, Nathan Wride, NK, NK, Andy Thorpe, Mr Bradley aka 'Bearded Fish'

Front L-R James 'Sniffiths/Griffest' Griffiths, Tom 'le Nice' le Grice, Niall 'Jock' Hayton-Williams, Antony Burns, Rob 'BobbyCam' Cameron, Neil Welsh, Ian Trivett
52.1st Year Rugby 1995
Back - Giles Harold, NK, NK, Ross McAllister, NK, NK, Neil Thurston, Ben Thomas, NK, Mr Hayton-Williams (Head of PE)
Front - Gary Thornton, NK, Powell, Michael 'Goat' Foulger, Tim Freemantle, NK, Adam Hooks

54. U14 1st XV 1995

Back L-R - Alex Thomas, James Fooks-Bale, NK, NK, David Harrison, Shane Hickey, Ken 'Chubs' Hom, NK, James McClimmens, NK, Mr Duncan McLay

Front L-R - Ben Jarvis, Adam 'Anthrax' de la Haye, NK, Will Hodson, NK, David Haverson, Murray 'Tick' Thompson

55. U15 1st XV 1995

Back L-R - Ben Powell, Max Billings, Richard Illife, Gary 'Lurch' Maddams, Andy 'Boronga' Barron, Tom Thornton, Mark King, Robbie Fowle, Seb Martin, NK, Mr Lee 'Lippy/Harwerk' Harwood

Front L -R - NK, Paul Finnon, Tom Carter, Tony Pywell, Jay Homas, NK, Troy 'Tash' Livingstone

56. Rugby 1st XV 1995

Back - Luke Robertson, Tom 'le Nice' le Grice, Tom Holt, Ken Lee, Ali Burns, Joe Shaw, James Archer-Simms, Jonny Starkings, Matt Purbrick, James Powell, Anthony 'Sheepy' Fernihough, Chris Haverson, Angus McDonnell, Mr Morgan (Coach)

Front - Andrew Bailey, Andy 'Bop' Thorpe, Tony Butterworth, Kiernan O'Shea (Capt), Neil Budd, Niall 'Jock' Hayton-Williams, Adamos Kyriacou, Mark 'Burger' Burgess

57. 1st XV Rugby 1996

Back L-R - Danny 'Hod/Hood' Hooks, Adam 'Chengabus' Cheng, Rick Holt, Stuart ' Slash/Cowboy' Davidson, Matt Bydr, Joel Simington, NK, Khan Thomas, NK, Matt Warmsley, Mr Lee 'Lippy/Lada' Harwood

Front L-R - Adam Seth, Kev Chatten, Stu Harwood, Doug Hayton-Williams, Jon Webb, Ben 'Skid' Simington, Ben McCall, Harry French, NK

59.Front (L-R) Justin 'Bop' Thorpe, Olly Hambidge, Doug Hayton-Williams (Captain), Andy Bayley, John Stevenson, George Luis
Back (L-R) James 'Brewster's Inch' Woodeson, Ol Smith, Chris 'K-Reg/Bah-sah' Kerridge, Jim Burdett, Giles 'Gini' Burdett.
60. "No idea of date, but I recognise a few people" - David Smith

Back L-R: Nichola Fowlie, Katherine Brand, Victoria?, NK, Sally Abel, Alexis Williamson, NK, Sarah Foulger, NK, NK
Front L-R: NK, Pippa?, NK, NK, NK but twin of 4th from left on back row
61.1st XI Football 1996

Back L-R - Adam Rayfield, Rick 'Barney' Williams, NK, Felix, Ben Fuchillo, NK, Mike 'Backman' Curry
Front L-R - Rob Cameron, Niel 'Wiggy' Hollinshead, Paul Perslow, Xandy Marcos, Niall 'Jock' Hayton-Williams

62. "My final season before leaving - 1995 1st XI" - David Smith

Back L-R: NK, James Powell, NK, Kiernan O'Shea, NK, Will Woods, Anthony Butterworth, NK, Duncan McClay
Front L-R: Niall Hayton-Williams, Bill Bailey, Neil Budd, David Sandeman (I think?), NK, David Smith
64. "I remember this one as hardly anyone turned up.  This was supposed to be 1st team picture but if I remember correctly they merged 1st/2nd XI as so few people were there; hence the two keepers!  Would have been 4th/5th year at a guess.  Around 1992." - David Smith 

Back L-R: David Smith, Kiernan O'Shea, Anthony Butterworth, Dominic Weatherill, Richard Townsend
Front L-R: NK, Neil Budd, Andrew Jones, NK
66. Take 2 of photo 63 above.


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