Views from Peel (1962)
Photos taken by Jim Gathercole

In the distance the Sports Complex (aka New Gym) is taking shape and will open for business in the summer of 1963.  The Admin hut (hut number 1) is in the foreground and behind it, from left, are 26, 28 and 30.  The photo was taken from the south-western corner of Peel Hall.

Definitely looks like Roger Garrard on his way to the Admin block (to collect mail he suspects). The two oak trees are in the Seniors' break area opposite Butler Hall. Huts to the left are 28 and 30. Boiler house in the distance.  Can anyone remember the purpose of the hut next to the parked cars? Library beyond. At some time after this date another nissen hut was added behind and parallel to the library. The willow tree was still in place in February 2002 but was blown down during a gale shortly afterwards.

Looking south down the High Street.  Worcester and Winchester houses moved into Cavell Hall (far right) at the beginning of Spring term, but the photo shows that landscaping had not yet been completed.

Another view down the High Street showing Fry Hall (right) and Cavell Hall (behind) shortly after completion. The Main Dining Hall is at the far end of the street.

A view over the grassed area at the back of Peel towards the staff chalets and Golf Links Road. The building on the left is one of the original boiler houses and the laundry.

A similar shot in the winter. The Sickbay is just out of sight further to the left.

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