Photos from Jennie and Jonathan Clarke

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Steven Bishop, Roger Keeley, Michael Johnson, Andrew Bowther, Steven Turner, Charles Jenkins, Andrew McFaddeyn


Mrs Little - in front of Wakefield


Frances, Mandy, Sandra and Jennifer   Sue Bird
Frances Scarratt, Sandra Partridge (now Deacon)   Wakefield and the 1st Years
Sally-Anne Derbyshire outside Wakefield   Jennie Clarke, Sandra Partridge, Frances Scarratt, Amanda Morse, Judith Tye and Christine?
A typical morning in the first form dorm   Kevin Hewitt at the Royal Norfolk Show

Jonathan Clarke on the left


June 1972 Walsingham - Kevin Hewitt and Jennifer Clarke in the middle


Giles Bignold, Norwich House

  Gary O'Shea, York House
Gary O'Shea, York House   Giles Bignold, Norwich House
Sandra Partridge, Summer '69   Amanda Morse and Peter ? Summer '69
Jennifer Clarke and Susan Bird