6th Form Conference 1954

Representatives from the County's Grammar Schools relaxing next to Wilkinson Court.  The two young ladies are Lower VIth formers from North Walsham High; Margaret Harris (left) and Judy Atkins.  [How do I know? - Judy's my elder sister! - Ed.]   Says Judy: "I can remember nothing of the tuition, only the boys, one of whom from Kings Lynn cycled over on the following weekend and presented himself at Craske's (Sheringham) where I was waitressing!"  Graham Crane (Grammar) behind Margaret, then Alan Algate (Technical) and Mike Cork (Grammar) on the right.

The road behind the bushes, going left, now leads to Lincoln Hall.  Staff chalets behind.

Oi! Leave my sister alone!  Mike Cork at right with jacket on.

Time to go home.  Girl at the back (next to tennis racquet) is Jill Chastney of North Walsham High.  Mike Cork centre front.

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