Kett Hall Boarders - 1982
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Back row: NK, Nick Brown, Stephen Boyd, Joe Walsh, Paddy Johnson, Gregory Fade, Mark Thompson, Gordon Head, Colin Lockwood, Charlie Scott ,Taff --------, Ian McGregor, Neil Sherman (?), NK, NK, NK, NK, Sandra Bull, Barbara Hunt, Debbie -------, Andrea Long, NK, Alison Hunter, Fran -------, Samantha Mather
5th row:  Nigel Lovick, Jenny and Jane Sheppard, Philip Morgan, Michael Rudd, Rachael Woodrow, Susan Knights, Katrina Macdermid, Julia Humble, Amanda-Jayne Manship, Paul Brackley, Brinley Page, Stephen Lord, Richard McGonigall, Primila Fade (Greg's sister), Clare Connorton, NK, NK, Jerry Lund, NK, Shan Swales, Anya McCullough
4th row:  Jason Sparrow, NK, Patricia Knights, Anita Sands, Sarah Lanchbury, Anne Powell, Sarah Ward, Jim Brown (?), Dan Johnson, Matthew Yates, Will Lockwood, NK, NK, Max Barber, Noel Redfern (?),Will Cook, Johnathan Dye, Sharon ---------, Anne Sauderson, Sally Dyke, Claire Nicholls, Anya Hunt, NK, Helen (Henri) Lovick
3rd row:  4th in from left Michael Horn,  Daniel Isaacs (?), Stephen Tippets, ...... (11th in from left) Gideon -------, Rob Lockwood
2nd (seated) row:  Simon (Norm) Scott, Juliette Hannah, Mr Brand, Mr Wolsey (? spelling), Gina Wolsey (don't know if she'd married him by then - Katrina Macdermid), Miss Pountain, Miss Savage, Miss Fisher, Mr and Mrs Sayer and two Ginkettes, Mr Garton, Miss-------, Katrina Harrison, Chris Allen (?)
Front row:  NK, NK, Mark "Taff" Bennett

"I was a day bug in the 3rd year at that time and didn't even know the photo was taken until afterwards - I wasn't invited to come in on the weekend it was taken which was fairly typical of how I was treated as a day bug." - Alice Walsh.  Was this the general way of things for the day pupils?  Did you feel like second-class citizens?  - let us know

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