Festival of Education 1965
photo copied from the 1965 magazine

A very impressive array of equipment has been assembled in one of the physics labs, but it's not quite what it seems.  Trevor Dodd (rear centre) explains.  "Yes, ‘tis me. Don’t think I’d ever seen the photo before! Strange feeling …. I remember the Festival.  All this brand new gear arrived in boxes and we set it all up. Signs were made for each ‘project’ exhibit. We all got white coats and were told to be able to talk knowledgeably about whatever ‘project’ we were assigned to.  I guess that’s me in the photo looking worried trying to figure out what the f*ck that box did. Then after the Festival everything was boxed up & sent back. I suppose it all came from the manufacturers of the gear, on loan. In retrospect it must’ve all been a scam to show off how advanced we were and what great use was being made of funding. I’m speculating on the last part but what else could it have been?!"

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