Skating on the Pond - January 1982

This is the first of two rather blurred photos included in the 1982 College Magazine.  It's probable that the person in the tartan skirt and professional footwear is the redoubtable Miss Willetts.  Extracts from the accompanying report are reproduced below.

"Last year's cold weather .... (created) a four-inch thick covering of ice on the infamous Wymondham College pond. The thickness of the ice brought out many daring youngsters to show off their courage as they sheepishly tested the solid surface. After finding how supportive the ice was, many found that wearing down their Clarks el cheapo mass-produced school shoes could be fun (and done within a couple of days!). Mr Seeley was a great sport and tried his hand too."

"I think the moment, however, was stolen by Miss Willetts — the belle of the ice — who showed off with great virtuosity and gusto her triple salchows and lutzs followed by double toe spins and many other movements to perform several technically complicated sequences. She showed great style, even incorporating periods of relaxation to make the climaxes seem greater. She drew crowds from miles around, from Peel, Fry and even New, to the pond to watch her. Unfortunately it was during one of these lunchtime sessions, while attempting the extremely difficult "limbo dancing on ice," trying a height of one foot, she slipped and ended up posterior first on the ice. Never mind, Miss Willetts, that entertained the masses too."

"Many people did not have the opportunity to see Mrs Norton, an ice-skating champion, who modestly went out after dark to try her skill — equipped with a chair to support her!  Unfortunately the next day the ice was out of action because of cracks in it!"

Rosie Best

The present record for the UK's lowest temperature was set on 10th January 1982 at Braemar, Grampian; -27.2C.

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