Guinea Pig Girls May 1951

This photo was taken in May 1951 (possibly by Shirley Johnson) and shows the very first group of girls who started at the College a few weeks earlier (the Pilot Technical Course) . School uniform was yet to be introduced.  There is a page dedicated to the Guinea Pigs here.

Back row (standing): Sheila Webster (left early), Doreen Fenton (?), Gwen Medler, Annette Blunt, Margaret Sandford, Anne Keeler, Vera Trundle, Hazel Leveridge, Pauline Crowe, possibly Nesta Williams, Sheila Bolton, Shirley Jaggard, Monica Baumber, Pat Dack, Judy Harris, Wendy Fuller, Rae Fuller
Middle row (kneeling): Janet Palmer, Rosamund Walker, Margaret Smith, Maureen Seaton, possibly Shirley Johnson, Mary Hall, Madge Allard, Janet Wing, Pat Basey
Front row (sitting): Anne Bean, Mildred Roberts, Phyllis Barker, Sonia Talbot, Shirley Doughty, Eileen Doy, Linda Nichols

After some research we've worked out that the photo was taken at the end of Hut 7 adjoining the High Street (in the evening).  The covered way at the right ran down the slope between Huts 32 and 34. The trees visible above the nissen hut were the two oak trees in what later became the Seniors' break area.  They are still there.  The Hut 7 door on the right was later blocked off (prior to 1961).

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