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There were several College romances that eventually led to marriage.  Please let us know if you can add to the list .... and don't forget the staff (shown in blue)!  We understand that some of those listed have since gone their separate ways, but it would perhaps be inappropriate to identify them.  There are additional notes at the bottom of the page.

Andrew Abbey & Susan Benstead  
John Bargery & Morag Mackenzie  
Miles Baron & Eileen Fox  
David Batchelor & Susan Hannant 28 September 1969
Mike Berry & Heidi Bulcock  
Tony Best & Susan Hogg 1977
Neil Bishop & Liz Sasada  
David Bligh & Heather Roy  
Richard Blowers & Muriel Currie  
Stephan Boland & Susan Newark  
Geoffrey Boldero & Maureen Seaton  
Stephen Bond & Margaret Smith  
Jon Bond & Anita Sands  
Michael Brand & Anne Howard  
James Alexander Brown & Sarah Gammell 2013
Alan Chamberlain & Brenda Shepheard  
Jonathan (aka Toby) Childs & Tanya Crowe 2016
Nigel Coe & Lyndsey Coates  
Stephen Coe & Wendy Love  
Richard Conder & Sandra Edge  
Andrew Cousell & Alison Birchall  
Graham Crane & Margaret Brown  
Anthony Cronin & Patricia Sparkes  
Clive Crouch & Barbara Howe  
Barry Dane & Jacqueline Elwin  
Philip Deacon & Sandra Partridge  
Adrian Dubock & Stella Dyer  
Edward Durham & Jenni Simms 1997
Graham Dye & Rita Hanner 1963
John Dyer & Lorelie Kentish  
Malcolm Fairhurst & Miss Roscoe  
Tony Foley & Celia Wills  
David Fox & Margaret ?  
Roger Garrard & Brenda Pye  
George Gawlinski & Jean Spathaky  
Richard Gilyard & Frances Rathbone  
John Gooderham & Janet Featherby  
Gerald Gunton & Christine Vincent  
Stuart Handley & Heather Smith  
Nick Harding & Julie Ebbens 1980
Mr Harris & Miss Parr  
Dr A. Charles Hill (Drac Hill) & Kathrine Jeanes (Matron) August 1982
Robert Hodgkinson & Christine Robinson  
Mark Jones & Gill Brown  
Len Leeder & Jennifer Lawn  
Richard Long & Joan Wigham  
Peter Major & Jane Matthews  
Steve Mason & Judith Hipkin  
Barry McBeath & Elizabeth Mair  
Harry Mitchell & Kathy Rose The first College wedding
Steven Mitchell & Suzanne Taylor  
Gerry Moon & Julia Gibbons  
Bob Norton & Margaret Wilkinson  
Ian Palmer & Kay Farrow  
Chris Parnham & Kayleen Rate 1977
Miss Parr & Mr Harris  
Granville Perkin & Susan Blower  
Tim Perkin & Gwen Taylor  
Guy Petit & Lynne Semmens  
Richard Powell & Diane Shepheard  
Mr Quinton & Miss Kerin  
Robin Richardson & Anne Warner  
Richard Ross & Yvonne Vick  
Andrew Seeley & Pam Cooper  
Tony Seymour & Elaine Turvey  
Mr Skoyles & Theresa Goodman  
William Slegg & Angela McAvoy  
David Smith & Nichola Fowlie August 2002
Ian Stockwell & Margaret Buttress  
John Swift & Miss Thomas  
Frank Thompson & Deidre Skinner  
Steve Tonks & Pam Worsley  
Simon Turtle & Jean Matthews  
David Ward & Patricia Scales  
Mike Weaver & Sue Littlewood 1980
Guy Wilmshurst-Smith & Lindsay Miller  
John Waterman & Rose Wilkie  
Francis Wright & Heather Sanders 29 June 1974



My husband and I both attended Wymondham College, in fact it was where we met! My husband is James Alexander Brown (attended 1996-2003) and my name was Sarah Gammell (attended 2001-2003). We were both members of Fry. We got married this April (2013) and have a wonderful daughter, Evelyn, who is almost three.

Sarah B

Sue and I married the year after we left Wymondham.  We had a select band of Wymondham College pupils and staff with us on the day, Kevin Ireland was best man, Tim Fitt and Ian Watling were ushers, Alison Catley, Joan Worby and Bob & Margaret Norton came (I think to check that these young innocents really were going through with it ) and Merv Taylor (our ex-form master) took the wedding photos, which he kindly did again this summer, 35 years later, for our daughter's wedding.

We are currently happily living and working in Montrose, Colorado USA.

David Batchelor






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